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Importing car in US is a complicated process,oakley pas cher. There are many restrictions imposed by the government for auto imports. Therefore,burberry pas cher, before booking some car from another country, you need to know about the rules and regulations as guided by US Custom and Board Protection (CBP). This will prevent you from any financial loss,sac prada pas cher. Here are some steps and guidelines that will help you to import a car in U,Guidelines on Importing a Car in the United States,Chanel pas cher.S,sac chanel.

Check Import Guidelines for the Respective Country

If you are importing car from any other part of the world to US,sacs a main Chloé, you must check their import guidelines. Some of the companies do not offer shipping services to US due to some constraints; few countries also impose Quota that makes the imports costly. Therefore,tods pas cher, you must check the import guidelines that whether it will be convenient for you to get particular car,prada moins cher.

US Guidelines of Imports

Many cars are not allowed by US government due to certain reasons,chanel pas cher. Secondly,gianmarco lorenzi, there are also some taxes that you need to pay while importing any vehicle. Normally,lunettes chanel, the duty on used and new autos is 2,Guidelines on Importing a Car in the United States,sac burberry.5% of the total price,carrera champion. The importer also has to pay Guzzler-Gas tax,lunette carrera pas cher, if the import vehicle has a mileage of less than 22.5mpg,Guidelines on Importing a Car in the United States,prix converse.

Completing documentation

Once you ensure that your car is not in the prohibited car list,burberry soldes, next step is documentation. This process is necessary in order to get your auto cleared from customs,lunette oakley homme. Three papers you must have for import car are:

Clean the Undercarriage

To ensure safety against importation of any harmful pests,Guidelines on Importing a Car in the United States,Sac Chloé, US department of Agriculture requires that every vehicle before import must be washed through steam spray or any other appropriate method,chanel en ligne. Therefore,tods chaussures, you must ensure that your car passes through process.

Avoid shipping any personal belonging with car

You are only importing a car and it is not advisable to fill your car with personal belongings. Usually,gianmarco lorenzi chaussure, it is not safe to load anything in vehicle There is no guarantee that it will reach you,chanel sacs,Guidelines on Importing a Car in the United States. Secondly,tods soldes, if those belongings are not mentioned in your custom papers,lunette oakley, it can lead to fine and seizure to your import product.

Pay duty

As mentioned above,sac chanel pas cher, there is a fixed duty of 2,prada pas cher.5% whether the import vehicle is new or old. You must pay the duty before the car container lands in US.

Duty free imports

If you are non-resident of US, you can import the car without any duty,converse pas cher. You are eligible to drive that auto duty free for the period of one year,lunette Chloé.
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