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Most useful Weapons for Closing Fantasy 13 Lightning

Plenty of video game gamers are working out exactly what the most excellent tools for Lightning is utilising the Gradius (that is certainly tier three btw) Sazh is utilizing the Hi-powers guns perfect for commando but usless for magic and it has a awful reward (cuts down his HP, these include tier three degree one hundred, these are mastered), and Hope is using the Hawkeye perfect for magic, okay for str.

The Lionheart is typically thought to be Lightning finest weapon , due to a great deal more immediate Stagger amount. Almost all people enjoy Sazh as a Magazine character, christian louboutin fake shoes so I dunno there. However the Hawkeye is definitely Hope most useful weapon, period of time.

Lightning – lionheart. Brief stagger is outstanding, and therefore the stats are 508 for both of those mag and str when maxed to omega. its tremendously wellrouned, christian louboutin replica and since you are likely from ravenger to commando to medic a good deal in battles, you must have the stat enhance imo. at the rear of that’s the axis blade. which is well rounded also (315 for the two mag and str), significantly less stats but its quick, and you have a wonderful atb demand intended to slice because of enemies like no tomorrow (if utilized thoroughly). I went with lionheart. more desirable stats, and that i really enjoy the short stagger. its a superb weapon certainly if shes your main.

sazh – it relies upon on the way you is going to be enjoying him. im assuming hope will likely to be your ravenger/medic/syn leaving mild and sazh for being either commando or rav. in the event you schedule on implementing sazh as your commando and light as your rav, christian louboutin replica then give him possibly the rigels or even the procyons. staying that the majority of with the more challenging enemies require them to be staggered to destroy them, its fairly nice. if the farming cp in opposition to enemies that die immediate, kinda causes it to be worthless ya know? i dont unquestionably use him that a lot (i exploit light, fang and hope) but i might quite possibly go together with procyons. unwell demonstrate for the conclusion.

Hope – either the osthirvani or perhaps the vidofnir. osthirvani is much more for ravenger on account of the siphon improve (builds the atb gauge more quickly). the vidofnir is more with the synergist (it holds the buffs 80% longs, and when you have haste, toughness, defense buffs for a longer period and dont waste time switching backwards and forwards so, you, in turn, can dish out a whole lot more destruction. chatting stats, replica christian louboutin hawkeye leads which has a good 900~ magazine, however, if you can easlily deal with two hundred fewer mag (the 2 weapons have the exact magazine stat, 713) and have the great weapon buff, you definitely see. but as for myself, i went for your osthirvani.

therefore if your setup is all those three and took people weapons, your weapon buffs is lionheart immediate stagger (provide the stagger up speedily), procyons stagger maintenance (maintain that stagger longer) and also osthirvani siphon strengthen ( after they are staggered, you will eliminate them a lot quicker). the sport is stuffed with range and all has its professionals and negatives.

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