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microwave oven lightbulb

A light-weight that burns in a decreased wattage will burn off more time. I do not forget stories of ‘the worlds longest lasting light-weight bulb’ – nevertheless they had considerably less up-to-date than what is required to get it to 1 candle potential brightness.

How about the light in the oven or fridge? They do not burn off out that often both.

(Despite the fact that I should certainly add that the lamp in my microwave burnt out following a few decades. It seems that replacement lamps are unreasonably quite expensive. I now enable my meals cook around the dim.)

posted by Mwongozi at 2:03 PM on March 30, 2010

A normal one hundred twenty volt a hundred watt residence bulb is rated all over one thousand several hours. Microwave bulbs vary from a thousand several hours to 2000 hours relying on development and wattage (generally 40W to 25W). Decrease wattage generally means a longer lifetime. These quantities are merely averages. Specific bulbs could very last 50 percent or twice as long.

To replace the bulb on the microwave you will likely be required to open up up the case by removing the screws relating to the back and lifting from the full steel oven enclosure. There are a few large capacitors within that may offer you an unpleasant shock those that carelessly adhere your fingers from the completely wrong site but not much life-threatening. Just limit your touching inside of towards bulb and its connections so you will probably be ok. The kind of bulb may vary. You may be able to locate a substitution using the internet utilizing the numbers to the bulb or on a schematic within. Or merely look at an appliance restore shop and ask for that which you desire.

posted by JackFlash at five:eighteen PM on March 30, 2010

Insignificant correction- a light that could be really being under-driven will past just about for good. The bulb’s filament (as opposed to the voltage used) is what establishes the wattage. Energy is utilized to it, and since it heats up the resistance boosts until such time as the bulb hits a degree of equilibrium just where it stops having brighter and just sits there glowing.

Therefore if you would like to come up with a bulb last for good, get one that is made for 240 volts and place it right into a 120 volt socket/appliance. It will eventually glow much less brightly and a lot more yellow, but simply because its filament was made to “withstand” 240v and you simply are only offering it 120v, you are not stressing it.

posted by gjc at five:56 PM on March thirty, 2010 [1 favorite]

I worded that poorly- the filament mixed while using supply voltage blah blah blah

Also, as JackFlash suggests, the bulbs are rated for many far more hours and are more than likely heavier obligation than the usual ten cent conventional bulb. Blended while using the % of a working day the bulb is definitely lit, people 1000s of hrs develop into decades.

posted by gjc at seven:55 PM on March thirty, 2010

You utilized to have the ability to obtain bulbs for automotive/shop do the job lights that were formed by using a thicker filament. I suspect that the same type of bulb in chosen inside of a microwave.

posted by yohko at nine:21 PM on March thirty, 2010

Mwongozi: Genuinely, IIRC, the relationship is simply polynomial, but it goes because the 12th electric power with the bulb voltage (so functioning a 240V lamp at 120V need to allow it to be very last around 4000 situations as lengthy).

Ambient temperature also boasts a substantial impact; should the microwave bulb is inside airflow that cools the magnetron that may help it last for a longer period too.

posted by hattifattener at 12:31 AM on March 31, 2010

An under-volt bulb lasts a long time. A lamp which has a sturdy filament previous quite a while. We like points to previous quite a long time. Why are not all lamps constructed like this? It truly is a trade-off concerning dependability and efficiency.

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