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Wines are not only for enjoyment on special occasions but they may also be an investment. Outstanding vintages from the best vineyards, which are called “investment wines”, are considered to be Veblen goods. These are types whose demand increases rather than decreases as their prices rise. But for them to sell for thousands of dollars per bottle, wines must be stored in proper conditions for it to evolve to its full potential. And a cellar or its alternative, wine refrigerators, offers an optimum place to store your wine.
There are four essential factors necessary for optimal storage that, when properly managed, will enable your collection to turn into a mature classic for you to enjoy and to earn money.

Of all the storage factors that will adversely affect your wine, temperature can bring the best and worst out of a bottle.
Wine is perishable and is very susceptible to fluctuating temperatures, causing the most damage. That’s why temperature control is an important consideration in storage.
Wines that are exposed to too high a temperature in excess of 77 °For 25°C will frequently produce off flavors that taste raisiny or stewed,sale mbt shoes. They may also become spoilt or cooked and will rarely reach its potential quality. Also, high temperatures,mbt shoes uk, usually >20ºF, tend to cause it to age prematurely; thus, losing its flavor and balance. When chilled too cold, usually below 5 degrees Celsius, the wine can freeze and cannot progress into a mature state, losing its flavor and aroma,mbt footwear uk. Repeatedly transferring a wine from a warm room to a cool wine cooler can also cause adverse chemical reactions that may lead to a variety of wine faults.
To bring about a wine’s flavors that can only evolve with optimal storage, keep the wines away from sunlight and heat exposure and store them in refrigerators or cellars in its ideal storage temperature of about 12-13° Celsius.
As a general rule, the ideal range of temperature for storing red wine is 12-19ºC. In contrast, sparkling wines and most whites, which tend to generally develop at a faster rate than reds, can be stored at lower ranges between 7ºC – 10ºC to slow the maturation and provide a longer “drinking window.”
It is also best to serve wines at a temperature that best reveals its characteristics and aromas. Serving at its appropriate temperature enables the wine to express its depth and complexity of aromas,
Generally, red wines are served cooler while white wines are best served chilled. If red wines are served at temperatures above 20 degrees, they will tend to taste monolithic and have a warm, alcoholic aftertaste, losing their balance and liveliness. White wines served too cold will suppress the flavors and the richness of the wines.
Here are the right serving guides for the different kinds of wines:
Champagne and Sparkling Wines. These types of wines should be stored at refrigerator temperatures of around 2-4°C for about 1 1/2 hours before serving. Then 20 minutes before serving, you can place the bottle in an ice bucket. For vintage-dated champagnes, it should be a bit warmer before serving.
Refreshing White Wines. You should keep this type of wine chilled at refrigerator temperatures of 2-4°C for about 1 1/2 hours before serving,mbt footwear sale. Then 20 minutes before serving, remove it from the fridge to warm it up.
Full-Bodied White Wines. You can store these wines at classic wine cellar temperatures of 13°C for about 1 1/2 hours. Then, similarly as the others, 20 minutes before serving, remove the wine from the fridge to warm it up.
Red Wines. You can store your red wines at temperatures warmer than cellar temperature but cooler than room temperature, preferably at around 18°C. Before serving, you can chill it in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.
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