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Do you want to gain weight, but don`t want to get to much fat? Then gain some muscles. Muscles are heavier than fat, also look better, and you will feel better. Wondering how? Well this is an article for you! Muscle represents a soft tissue of animals and humans. It consist mainly of proteins fibrils. Muscles are producing strength and cause our body to move. One of the most important organ in our body – hearth is muscle. First thing you need to know when it comes to gaining muscle mass is that more muscle means more strength and reverse. Most of good bodybuilders was professional weight lifters before. How do you increase strength,cheap mbt shoes? Well, try to lift more weight each weeks. For example, for the first two weeks of training you are lifting 50-60kg. In next two week you are going to lift 70-80kg, and on every two weeks you slightly increase the weight you are lifting. Remember, this is a long term process, you can speed it up with your good effort, but you can`t expect results over night. When you exercise train all your muscles or group of them. That is how you will increase effect of training. When you practice just one muscle you can gain its definition, but mass will remain the same. You don`t need to hit failure on each set. Result of workout is better when you do less lifts or exercises more times, than when you do just few series even if you have more lifts. Also you should decrease your cardio exercises. Do it no more than 3 times per week, and no longer than 30 minutes, When you are doing cardio exercises think about length of it and its intensity,mbt footwear sale, because when you are doing it for to much time or in high intensity you burn out your muscles too, not only the fat!

In order to gain muscle you need to consume more calories than you are spending. If you are asking how much more, that depend on how fast do you want to gain muscle. If you notice that you are gaining weight to fast, or that you are getting fat, decrease the amount of calories that you are consuming. Read on the label of the product how much is its caloric value.
It is better to have 5-6 smaller meals than 2-3 larger. Very important thing is that you eat healthy and consume all that you body need (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, salts…) Make difference between complete and incomplete proteins. Full proteins are the most important for muscles and they could be found in eggs, meat, fish, cheese, milk. Incomplete proteins are found in plant products with exception of soy beans and quinoa. Rule is that you should take 2gr of proteins per 1kg of body weight. It’s crucial to load up on carbohydrates so that your body can tap into glycogen stores inside your muscles while you’re exercising. If you don’t consume enough carbohydrates your body won’t have energy reserves and will break down your muscles alternatively! When it comes to fat, you should make difference between fat that you consume by eating chips and healthy fat. Drinking protein shakes before, during and after exercise can be very helpful as it gives you energy to complete your daily work out,mbt shoes uk, and helps you recover after it. Also liquid food doesn`t need to be dig, and it build itself into muscle tissue.
Stretching is very important activity before and after the exercise. It warms up your muscles and prevent the body from injuring.
In order to give 100% of yourself during the work out you have to sleep at least six hours, while eight hours is optimal. During that time your body will recover. Try to keep yourself out of stressful situations, because stress cause your body to build-up fat and lose muscle.
In next article I will explain you what exercises you should do to increase your muscles,discout mbt shoes, and show you how to do it, at gym or at your own home.

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