RKEY,RKEYI have worked for UPS for over 7 years and have been on the same route for almost the last 5 years,abercrombie outlet. My route is in New York City, in Manhattan,longchamp le pliage outlet, on the prestigious Upper East Side,occhiali oakley uomo.

I drive down beautiful 5th Avenue by Central Park (where some residents are paying as much as $30,carrera occhiali sito ufficiale,000/month to live). I deliver packages to many of the rich and famous including Woody Allen,oakley radar, Michael J Fox,occhiali ray ban, Paul Newman, Katie Couric and many others,oakley outlet, including the Mayor himself,ray ban wayfarer… Mike Bloomberg,carrera online..

Manhattan is a small island with 8 million residents and it seems like just as many cars. There is literally no place to legally park so I have to double park,longchamp outlet. I quickly run into the building,occhiali carrera champion, deliver the package and get back to the truck before I get a parking ticket,ongchamp le pliage shop online.

My job is to deliver our premium early morning packages,polo ralph lauren outlet. Generally there are just a couple packages per building and the doorman signs for the packages so I’,abercrombie outlet;m usually not double parked for more than a minute or two. It’,polo ralph lauren outlet;s run in and out of the building and back to the truck,longchamp borse, quick like a ninja,borse alviero martini.

Usually, I didn’;t get many parking tickets,abercrombie milano,Parking Tickets – Give Us A Break!, maybe one or two per month,occhiali oakleyaaaa. Sometimes I might go as long as two months without a single parking ticket,carrera online. And I never got tickets when I worked on a Saturday.

But about 2 years age,abercrombie, that began to change,occhiali oakleya. Instead of one or two parking tickets a month, I started getting one or two or three a week,carrera occhiali. Over the last year that has now escalated to one or two tickets per day and instead of no tickets on Saturday,occhiali ray ban, I get a ticket EVERY Saturday,borsa longchamp. Same route, same streets, same time – The only variable is the amount of tickets,oakley outlet.

Last Friday,alviero martini portafogli, I hit a new record high (or record low,occhiali oakley, depending on your point of view),occhiali ray ban. 5 parking tickets in 1 hour,abercrombie outlet. FIVE,abercrombie & fitch usa! ,longchamp outlet…In One Hour,occhiali oakley! ,longchamp borse…Written by 5 different traffic cops. (And at $115 bucks a pop,polo ralph lauren, that ain’,occhiali oakley;t cheap).

Here’s what happened,louis vuitton uomo. I returned to my truck within 2 minutes of double parking it,occhiali carrera champion, and there was a traffic violations specialist, in the middle of writing my third parking ticket for that day,oakley holbrook. I recognized the cop because he has written me many tickets in the past and we chat every now and then.

When he saw me coming he said to me “,carrera occhiali;I love seeing UPS trucks,Parking Tickets – Give Us A Break!. It’;s an easy ticket to write because you guys don’,ray ban wayfarer;t argue with us and give us a hard time”,oakley outlet;.

I move on and continue delivering packages,polo ralph lauren outlet. About 10 minutes later,longchamp borse, I come out a building and there is a female cop writing me ticket #4. I pick up the other 3 tickets,longchamp borse, show her and say to her,ray ban outlet, “;This is a new record,louis vuitton outlet, 4 tickets in less than an hour”;.

She apologetically says to me,abercrombie, “,alviero martini outlet;I’;m sorry,ray ban outlet. I didn’;t know,carrera online. You should have said something. Or you should have at least put the tickets on the front of the truck so we could see them”,ongchamp borse prezzi;. I said “;Thanks for the tip. I think I’,longchamp outlet;ll try that”,carrera occhiali;.

So I go to the next stop,louis vuitton borse, but this time I have the 4 tickets visibly displayed on the front of the truck,ray ban wayfarer, tucked in by the windshield,polo ralph lauren. I exit the building and to my suprise, another traffic violations specialist is writing me ticket #5,longchamp outlet.

I guess he didn’;t want anyone to see how many tickets I had, so he picked up the other 4 tickets and folded them all together along with ticket #5,abercrombie, so it only looked like one ticket,ray ban outlet. C’,polo ralph lauren;mon Mayor Bloomberg – Give UPS a break,abercrombie online shops!
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