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http://gstar2013.vetementmagasins.info,g star pas cherwell ok,g starmoins cher, let be a bit more specific,g star 2013. Let compare it to the Samsung D900, or the nokia n80 (you can get a d900 for about 200, and an n80 for about 300, so both under half the price of an iphone)

The D900, has a better camera, and the other specs are practicly all the same as the iphone (except ofcourse the smudgy touchscreen).

The iPhone is more than a phone! The APP store is just incredible,free iPhone in Hong Kong Akihabara News. It fills in the gap,free iPhone in Hong Kong Akihabara News. And the Touch screen feature nothing like it out there plus it SYNC to your computer. Your contact, calendar, has push email and the best part it sync all your bookmark, if you have multiple computer like i do, No problem! is just a breeze!

If you get a phone like the iPhone, Great!

i have the 1st generation n now the 2nd generation. The 2nd generation, the screen is more vibrant, better speaker, thinner, slightly bigger, n somehow the picture on the newer once comes out clearer. their both 2 mp.articles connexes:






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