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Gus Honeybun

Whilst never found outside his native ITV region1, this rabbit attained a longevity within the world of television puppetry second only to Sooty (the well-known hand-puppet bear operated by Harry Corbett). To this day he is a fondly remembered icon for viewers in south west England.

The Early Years Allegedly observed beneath a gorse bush on Dartmoor in 1961 by a member of personnel in the newly-launched Westward Tv, Augustus J Honeybun was as a matter of fact a product of desperation. The fledgling station’s revenue division was experiencing trouble selling advertising time, leaving the presentation crew with long durations of dead airtime to fill. Their option was Gus, an overstuffed (and apparently seriously large) grey and white rabbit puppet operated from off the side within the monitor, in most cases by business or complex staff.

In his early many years, he was a fixture at each junction concerning children’s programmes, at one particular stage fronting an hour-long reveal. But he ongoing to appear at least as soon as just about every afternoon to co-present a birthday slot while using the duty announcer. Gus speedily proven himself as Westward’s mascot, louboutin shoes replica outshining any of your channel’s human presenters for 20 years – and in the end outliving the business alone!

The Magic The a fact magic on the structure was that the mischievous but mute rabbit gave the announcers licence to behave equally terribly, also, the byplay somewhere between them (and the off-screen technological staff members) would all too often degenerate into near-chaos. Gus would treat the kids whose names were being browse through out to bunny hops, jumps and winks or, replica christian louboutin mens what’s even better, along with a ‘magic button’ which transformed the studio decor. Jokes, in-jokes, insults, and any items sent in by viewers flew freely with regard to the cramped continuity studio, regularly for the detriment belonging to the lengthy listing of birthdays.

Westward’s tenure arrived to a chaotic close in 1981, as boardroom squabbles boiled greater than into general public perspective christian louboutin replica the|and then the|together with the|and therefore the|and also|in addition to the|also, the} company’s finances arrived underneath law enforcement scrutiny. They took more than all the Westward personnel – as well as the ever-popular Gus Honeybun. The programme continued in a lot identical format, although it gained an irritatingly catchy Ed Welch topic tune and therefore the magic button turned – instead dubiously – a ‘magic mushroom’. Even after a long time of recognition, the birthday slot was continue to broadcast within the confines for the little continuity studio and was levered in to the plan where ever time allowed.

Gus had turn out to be a West State establishment, but he experienced also spawned a lengthy listing of imitators, from Channel TV’s Oscar Puffin all the way down to the BBC’s Gordon the Gopher and Edd the Duck. A few of his sidekicks went on to broader fame, such as Fern Britton, Jan Leeming and Judi Spiers (a particular favourite whose double act with Gus stays famous). No-one was ever credited with running Gus, even though; without a doubt Westward and TSW certainly not ‘broke the spell’ at all – their number one star was never ever even admitted to be a puppet!

Takeover If the franchise came up for renewal in 1992, it absolutely was Gus, accompanied by TSW’s flamboyant chief govt Harry Turner, who shipped the company’s sealed bid with the Impartial Television Fee, replica christian louboutin men shoes which licenses and regulates commercially funded tv services on the British isles. Ironically, in that envelope was sealed Gus’s fate – the regulator controversially dominated that their bid was too significant! TSW failed to overturn the decision inside the Substantial Courtroom.

Unfortunately, when Westcountry Television took over in 1993 Gus did not make the transition, a lot of on the dismay and puzzlement of viewers. This was quite possibly owing to a would like to produce a cleanse crack. But there was also acrimony in between the businesses above the controversial franchise award, which also involved the development of a have confidence in to hold the Westward/TSW archive rather than passing it on to their successors.

Gus Goes Residential home On TSW’s very last night of transmission, New Year’s Eve 1992, Langsford and FitzGerald returned Gus Honeybun to his moorland family home of 30 several years previously, christian louboutin replica introducing him to his mums and dads as well as a tremendously colossal range of brothers and sisters. As the announcers still left, the rabbit lingered uncertainly for your instant previous to disappearing down a burrow. The top of an period, it had been a moment which brought tears of the two disappointment and laughter to generations of West Nation boys and girls.

1ITV – Independent Tv – stands out as the UK’s fundamental terrestrial professional station, organised as being a number of regional franchises.2Chris Denham, saying co-presenter Sue King’s departure: ‘I’m not permitted to inform you where exactly she’s going, but here’s a clue.’ Cue Gus!

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