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Enable me map out bike trip altitude profiles in the past I am going

Hmm, the gmap pedometer does look and feel up the elevations, but it surely appears to only insert an elevation for each and every stage I increase by hand. It would be actually awesome if there have been an answer which could choose benefit of the road-following talents of Google Maps or Google Earth.

posted by JMOZ at 11:forty one AM on June 3, 2006

I havn’t investigated wherever gmap pedometer gets it elevations from, but when you indicate a route that goes across a bridge through a valley, cheap louboutin shoes replica it’s got you going right down to the valley floor and back again up yet again.

posted by MonkeySaltedNuts at twelve:twenty five PM on June 3, 2006

Gmaps Pedometer receives it is actually elevation details from this USGS website company. Primarily it happens to be a pair methods that just take a Lat and Very long as enter and return the elevation as output. Then use some automated drawing library to create an elevation profile. Presumably computing distance from pairs of lat/long coordinates shouldn’t be that arduous, or you will find definitely an online company on the market that does that as well.

You would believe that an individual would’ve achieved this by now.

posted by epugachev at five:22 PM on June three, 2006

This is a little something on computing length from lat/long. Take note there are several methods to achieve this influenced by how accurate you want to be. Do you want to assume the earth is mostly a sphere, as an illustration? Also, consider that for anybody who is using uphill that further length won’t be bundled while in the value you get outside of a distance concerning two lat/long factors formulation. The simplest detail I am able to imagine to account for that further mileage would be to take care of each and every set of factors as endpoints for the hypotenuse of a best triangle, and make use of the Pythagorean theorem to determine the length with the hypotenuse through the length and elevation data. I agree- I’d certainly consider another person will need to have done this already? I am not an internet programmer and don’t ultimately learn how to hack a little something up.

As with the distance among coordinates, I feel it truly is certainly protected to approximate. Your website link appears like it has numerous important formulae.

I do think you’ll find it extremely reliable to neglect the extra length in the climbing, since the only result are going to be within the impressive quality inside of the elevation profile (I’m able to make use of the google earth route to the size). Anyhow, in close to all cases, christian louboutin replica roads usually are not graded terribly steeply, therefore the supplemental length through the slope has to be mainly negligible. As an example, one flat mile at a 10% grade could well be sqrt(1^2 + 0.1^2), which is certainly only one.005 miles.

I assume I will continue to keep holding out for somebody determining a person who has completed this currently (at the very least the elevation lookup).

Hmm, shopping round a little a lot more, I assume this site is value a check out, but I don’t similar to the two next for every lookup delay. I wonder when they get it done in JS or a thing that I could operate regionally.

posted by JMOZ at 6:12 PM on June three, 2006

There second hand for being a software for the British isles for radio hams in britain (It fitted on a floppy, and covered the peak cross-section in between any two OSNG refs). {It also|Additionally, it|In addition, christian louboutin replica it|Furthermore, it|What’s more, it|In addition it|You’ll find it} explained to them how large their antena mast had to be to offer line of sight relating to 2 regions.

Any use, I can strive to trace it down.

posted by Dub at 8:forty two PM on June three, 2006

Effectively, christian louboutin replica gmap-pedometer is sweet for the instant overview, nonetheless it contains a pair of big weaknesses- 1st, it doesn’t adopt streets instantly and second, it only steps elevations within the factors you simply click; it isn’t going to interpolate. Nonetheless, it is actually advantageous, and i didn’t realize it experienced the elevation function.

It will be good if there have been a top notch implementation of epugachev’s ways, but I can not track down one other than the just one I mentioned earlier mentioned, which does not sound to operate terribly perfectly.

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