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Acer F1 Neo Touch is on the whole a good and most user friendly phone that has perfect dimensions and apt features for anyone who wishes to have a practical yet stylish handset,billige nike free.

Mostly all phones in the mobile market are at par with each other. Still Acer F1 Neo touch, also known as the S200 touch is remarkably different owing to some of the most magnificent features it holds. This touch screen phone has some of the greatest qualities and the amazing Acer user interface that makes operating on it highly simple. There is so much to look forward to in Acer F1 Neo Touch,

Here are its main features at a glance.

There is a 5 megapixel camera in the phone with perfect quality functions like autofocus, LED flash and even geo tagging features. The camera is capable of video recording also and offers pictures at the rate of 2560 pixels by 1920 pixels.The battery support of the phone is 5 hours with regular charging through the power adaptor available with the phone,nike free sko. In the standby mode it offers 400 hours of talk time with Li-Po 1350 mAh battery.

The phone possesses an operating system of Microsoft Windows Mobile version 6.5 and a 1 GHz processor of Qualcomm make.The basic dimensions of the phone are 118.6mm by 63mm by 12 mm and its overall weight is 130 g even when the batteries are included in the phone.The phone offers perfect network coverage on 3G HSDPA networks along with quad band network of GSM.The high point of the phone is its touch screen with TFT that offers 65 thousand colours, The 3.8 inches wide screen offer high screen resolution of 480 pixels by 800 pixels.

Acer user interface 3.0 is another interesting feature of the phone which is also clubbed with sensors to turn it on and off automatically. Similarly for auto rotate functioning of the screen, there is accelerometer sensor.The basic memory of the RAM of the phone is 256MB while the ROM is 512 MB, There is an additional 32 GB memory card slot in the phone that enables the user to have high memory capacity to store data of requirement.

The data features of Acer F1 Neo Touch include HSDPA technology for fast internet speed, WiFi for connecting to internet without any chords and wires, GPRS and EDGE technology so that the rate of transfer of data between devices is really high and indeed Bluetooth with A2DP for connecting to other devices without using any chords. For devices that are not Bluetooth enabled, the phone also has a USB port.

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