Chloé moins cher 1916,We were trading “horror stories” one day at our friendly Vancouver Jeep dealership, when suddenly a client asked us: “When was the last time your car broke down in the middle of the road,see by chloe?” Truth be told,gianmarco lorenzi, there were nervous glances all around our circle. That experience was just plain horrible, particularly when we are talking about getting stranded alone for the first time.

Experience is a great teacher,Tips To Survive a Car Breakdown Incident,oakley pas cher, as they say,lunette solaire carrera. So thank goodness that there are quite some experienced “pros” like the Langley Jeep customers who are much too willing to share their sage advice in harried times like these,chanel montre. Want to know what they are,lunette oakley? Well,chanel 2013, here it is:

1. Keep your head on your shoulders,gianmarco lorenzi boots.

If you are reading between the “lines”, you know what I meant by this: Just keep calm at all times. Some Vancouver Jeep dealers customers actually stress that this is the first thing to remember in any unforeseen situation, particularly when your car breaks down in the middle of the freeway during a traffic rush. Even if you don’t know what to do first, assessing the situation before deciding on an action makes you one “cool” cat, in our books,sac prada pas cher.

2,chanel lunettes. Find a safe “parking” spot for your car,tods soldes.

Of course,Chloé pas cher, you just can’t let your car stay in the middle of the road,chanel pas cher. If your car still has the “juice” to make it even on the side of the road,sac chanel, try cruising along the shoulder, avoiding the active lanes and curves as much as possible,burberry pas cher. But if it is not possible,achat prada, just wait inside the vehicle and call for help. Traffic officers will soon be at your side in no time at all,lunette carrera. Remember,Sac Chloé, yours is not the only car moving along the road.

3,sac burberry. Put “warning signs” on your car,oakley lunette de vue.

What’s worse than having your car stop dead in the middle of the road,prada pas cher? How about another one bumping into your rear and then blaming you for it? Yes,sac chanel pas cher, driver courtesy is more than just “Honk once when you say yes,gianmarco lorenzi chaussure.” Blinkers are installed in the car for a reason,converse pas cher. If you find out that your blinkers, too,converse all star, are busted,lunette carrera pas cher, try sticking a white paper or plain white hanky in the back windows; it’s not called a “neutral” color for nothing,lunette Chloé. However,converse discount, if your car happens to break down during night time, another tactic that is recommended is using warning lights, emergency triangles,chaussures hommes tods prix, or light sticks instead of the blinkers,burberry soldes. Proper “distance” should also be observed when placing the lights on the road (six feet from the rear of your car,lunettes chanel, at least),sacs a main Chloé. However,tods pas cher, if you are really having a bad day and you still do not have any of these,Chanel pas cher, just open the car door,tods chaussures. At the very least, the inside of your car immediately lighting up should be a real indicator that you’re in trouble.

4. Tow away.

Well, what else can you expect? If somebody’s not going to tow your car, you will be a nuisance among other drivers on the road as much as your vehicle has been a nuisance to you,Tips To Survive a Car Breakdown Incident. If you know of any car repair shops, immediately give them a ring. Otherwise, just try going to the nearest car repair shop like a Langley Jeep chain and ask them for help,Tips To Survive a Car Breakdown Incident. Sure, it would really mean a whole lot of pain in your pockets, but at least you can safely remove your car in a most convenient way possible.

5,Tips To Survive a Car Breakdown Incident. Practice the do-it-yourself spirit.

If you know that you can repair the car by your lonesome, then please go right ahead. If you do so, ensure that you have to work facing away from traffic and with the warning lights prepped up. If available, be a robot for once and wear an emergency fluorescent vest, particularly during night. Not only will it be a cost-free way to fix your car, but it can immediately give you some “street cred” with the folks at work.

You can really be sure that a regular Vancouver Jeep client can be well-taken care of by his/her Vancouver Jeep dealers. But just in case that help is not at hand, better be prepared and store some tools in the trunk of your car. Better safe than sorry,Tips To Survive a Car Breakdown Incident, as we’d like to say.Related articles:

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