Dream machine

REM-Dreamer mask has TWC method. It is method that generates series of cues with increasing level of intensity of cue. When dreaming person archieves lucid dream, dreamer can send eye signal to machine. When device receives this signal pattern, it stops producting next cues.

What is lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when person knows that he dreams inside the dream. Then sleeper can control his dream and do whatever he wants. There are many methods for achieving lucid dreams.

There is method called MILD. Dreamer must remember his last dream and he must pretend in his mind that he returns to this dream and know he dreams. There are also CDs that helps induction lucid dreams. They use Hemi-Sync technology. Lucid dreaming can be used for many purposes. People can play, meet someone, fly etc.

REM-Dreamer is lucid dream induction machine.
REM-Dreamer detects REM state and generates signal to dreaming person. REM-Dreamer is polish version of the NovaDreamer device. NovaDreamer was developed in 1993 in USA California. It had U.S. patent. When its patent ended a few devices were devoloped.
REM-Dreamer is better than the Nova Dreamer, becouse it has TWC technology.

REM-Dreamer lucid dreaming mask can be connected to machine called REM-Speaker. REM-Speaker is additional device connectable to REM-Dreamer. When REM-Dreamer detects REM state, it sends signal to the REM-Speaker. Then REM-Speaker plays text cue, text “you are dreaming”.

The NovaDreamer lucid dreaming device was developed after more than a decade of research by Dr. Stephen LaBerge, a respected authority of lucid dreaming. Since that time, those interested in lucid dreaming have impatiently awaited developments and advancements to the NovaDreamer and its included training materials. Unfortunately, the NovaDreamer hasn’t been manufactured for several years and it may never be made again. There is, however, an alternative. You can get the same chance of lucid dreaming by buying REM-Dreamer machine. You can also still get Dr. Stephen LaBerge’s insight into lucid dreaming by ordering his Lucid Dreaming book, as well as other materials about the subject.

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