http://toms-shoes23.webs.comGallstones and Yasmin birth control share a connection due to the hormones contained within the oral contraceptive,alviero martini outlet. It combines estrogen with a synthetic progestin called drospirenone,abbigliamento online,Yasmin And Gallstones. In addition to blood clots,oakley italia, stroke,cheap toms, pulmonary embolism,cheap toms for men, and other dangerous side effects of Yasmin,alviero martini online, women have experienced gallstones and gallbladder problems,abbigliamento donna.

As long as gallstones remain asymptomatic (known as silent stones),longchamp borse, they rarely require treatment,cheap toms. In fact,Yasmin And Gallstones, it’s possible to have them without realizing it,cheap toms. However,oakley jawbone, when abdominal pain,oakley prezzi, fever,longchamp le pliage, and nausea develop, treatment is usually necessary,longchamp borse.

Doctors will normally recommend gallbladder removal surgery to resolve symptomatic Yasmin gallstones,discount toms shoes online. If surgery is considered too risky due to existing health issues or medical problems, a non-surgical approach can be taken,louis vuitton outlet.

Dissolution Therapy

Dissolution therapy is the use of medications that are formulated to dissolve cholesterol stones within your gallbladder,toms outlet store. There are two approaches: oral dissolution and contact dissolution,abbigliamento online.

Oral dissolution therapy uses drugs that contain bile acids. Common medications include Actigall and Chenix,toms shoes, which are taken daily in pill form for several months,borse alviero martini. If the stones are small,toms shoes, they can be dissolved completely within six months. If they are large, the process can require up to two years,longchamp costo.

Contact dissolution therapy involves injecting a stone-dissolving agent directly into the gall bladder,longchamp outlet. These agents can include methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE),longchamp le pliage, isopropyl acetate,longchamp le pliage, and ethyl propionate. While this form of treatment can break down Yasmin gallstones within a few days,occhiali oakley, it is considered experimental and lacks FDA approval,borse alviero martini.

Dissolution therapy was more common years ago when gallbladder removal surgery (cholecystectomy) was done through an open abdominal operation,alviero martini orologi. The risks and substantial recovery time encouraged many people to choose medications as an alternative,alviero martini outlet. Today,polo ralph lauren, surgeons can use a minimally-invasive laparoscopic approach that poses fewer risks,occhiali oakley.

There is also a high rate of recurrence (approximately 50%) after using stone-dissolving drugs,discount toms. For both reasons, dissolution therapy is seldom used today,cheap toms.

Yasmin Gallstones In The Bile Duct

Common bile duct stones are problematic,longchamp outlet. First,polo ralph lauren, they can cause an assortment of serious complications,oakley outlet, such as infection, bacterial access to the small intestine,alviero martini outlet, and gallstone pancreatitis,occhiali oakley. Second,cheap toms, stones in the bile duct cannot be dissolved,louis vuitton borse. They must be removed.

The most common procedure for removing bile duct stones is called endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). An endoscope is passed through your esophagus,borse alviero martini, stomach, and small intestine,toms cheap. A catheter is then guided through the endoscope into the common bile duct,toms shoes. A contrast dye is injected into the duct to create an X-ray image of the biliary tract. This is done to confirm the presence of stones,cheap toms for men.

Your doctor will then pass a surgical instrument through the endoscope to cut the Sphincter of Oddi (a valve that opens into the duodenum). This is known as endoscopic sphincterotomy,discount longchamp. The goal is to allow bile duct stones to empty into your small intestine.

Why Gallbladder Removal Surgery Is Preferred

When you suffer symptomatic gallstones from Yasmin birth control, your doctor will suggest removing your gallbladder rather than taking a non-surgical approach (i,longchamp online.e,discount toms shoes sale. dissolution therapy),occhiali oakley. The reason is because stone-dissolving agents are often little more than a temporary solution,longchamp borse. As noted,longchamp outlet, stones recur 50% of the time,toms womens shoes.

Even if you suffer bile duct stones and need to undergo ERCP and endoscopic sphincterotomy,Yasmin And Gallstones, your doctor will recommend gallbladder removal surgery,toms shoes online. Otherwise, stones can form again and migrate into your common bile duct,ralph lauren uomo,Yasmin And Gallstones.

Gallstones and gallbladder disease are among the serious side effects of Yasmin birth control,cheap toms for men. Both can eventually cause severe abdominal pain,longchamp, fever, nausea,discount toms, and infection,longchamp outlet. If stones become symptomatic and the underlying condition is left untreated,toms discount, infection can set in and cause life-threatening circumstances,longchamp bags. If you have suffered Yasmin gallbladder problems,alviero martini scoton, you may be able to file a legal claim against the manufacturer,louis vuitton portafogli.

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