chanel prezzi Lucky Thirteen

Everybody deserves a little bit timeless luxury in the future only the cre en cre are designed for the genuine extravagance. Chanel has announce the most recent exclusive edition handbag which time only 13 women and men will hop on the Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag bandwagon.

Encrusting with 334 diamond weighing 3.56 carats overall,chanel outlet, it is obvious that Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag is one of the most high-priced luxury handbags in the world inspite of its shining gold hardware and white alligator skin. Exciting right? The bag has went public in December which has a stunning price of $261,000,borse chanel. Maybe humans have got used to the sky-high price on Chanel bags but we’re going to must admit that it is bold consider launch new luxurious series inside the downturn in the economy. Though the waiting list of Chanel bag hasn’t ever shortened for individuals who search status and exclusivity. Anyway, this may be a masterpiece to get a bag aficionado like a painting of van gogh with the art collect.

However, your competitors is really a lot fiercer for Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag. Only 13 will probably be lucky enough to get grab the attractive handbag and just 5 slots are for Americans. You will want ready,, celebrities! It’s splurge.

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