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One of the more interesting things i was treated to in the Paris Spring 2009 Fashion shows was the Chanel guitar and guitar bag. It was a basic black guitar, nonetheless it discreetly spells Chanel on the end, They come in a big guitar strap in brown, black and white stripe, with all the Chanel logo throughout the leather detail. Most of us say a white,Chanel France, quilted leather guitar case, to hold the Chanel guitar Im assuming.
My real question is, would any real musician buy and make use of it? It will undoubtedly be grossly overpriced, in order that it seems far more a showpiece than something anyone would actually use. I do think we are seeing a trend with Mr. Karl Lagerfeld
Every season French luxury brand Chanel will come out with one special item, which you might typically not find from the brand of their category. In recent seasons we percieve bikes, a snowboard,sac chanel pas cher, skis, including a fly fishing rod.
Lets be clear in the very beginning – these materials aren’t designed for enthusiasts within the category. You won’t ever go to a dedicated fisher utilize Chanel fly fishing rod or maybe a daily biker while using the Chanel bike. These things are created for individuals who want something unexpected, for fans within the Chanel brand.
For Spring/Summer 2009 they’ve yet again made this kind of item – an acoustic guitar. Comparable to the rest of the items from previous seasons, practicing the guitar can be purchased in dressed in black, with white accents, which can be engrossed in a signature quilted white Chanel leather guitar bag. Consider its release in Chanel stores soon

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