http://toms-shoes23.webs.comAs a real estate investor,alviero martini outlet,1031 Exchanges Outside Of The United States Are They Possible , you probably are aware of the advantages of a 1031 exchange over outright sale of a property,longchamp bags usa. An exchange defers your capital gains taxes,longchamp le pliage outlet, keeps your money working for you,longchamp roma, and helps to build equity and maximize your returns,polo ralph lauren. But 1031 exchanges are allowed not only for the good of the investor,longchamp outlet,1031 Exchanges Outside Of The United States Are They Possible ; by allowing investors to move their capital to the most advantageous investments,abbigliamento online, section 1031 stimulates the U,cheap toms.S,toms shoes. economy,longchamp bags.

By this logic,toms cheap, it wouldn’t make sense to allow 1031 exchanges to be made on properties overseas,borse alviero martini, and this is indeed prohibited,toms shoes. Section 1031 is at least partially intended to encourage investors to invest in property located in the U,longchamp bags.S,http://longchampbagsonline1.webs.com., both for the sake of the economy and because it can be difficult or impossible for taxes to be collected on foreign property (remember that a tax deferral is more of a loan than a gift,cheap toms online, and the IRS expects to collect on this loan in the event that you sell a replacement property outright),alviero martini orologi.

If 1031 exchanges are limited to the U,longchamp le pliage.S,longchamp borse. so that the economy will benefit and the IRS will be able to collect capital gains taxes in the future,longchamp borse, then you may be wondering what rules apply to U,cheap toms.S,toms shoes. territories such as Guam,cheap toms, the U,alviero martini outlet.S,oakley jawbone. Virgin Islands,occhiali oakley, and Puerto Rico,toms shoes sale. In private letter rulings,borse alviero martini, the IRS has stated that a Virgin Islands property can only qualify as like-kind in an exchange with a U,toms shoes outlet,1031 Exchanges Outside Of The United States Are They Possible .S,louis vuitton outlet. property if it is income-producing,ralph lauren occhiali, which is more restrictive than the normal requirements for a like-kind exchange,oakley jawbone, which merely state that the property must be held for your trade or business or as an investment,cheap toms shoes for sale.

So if you are planning on exchanging a U,alviero martini outlet.S,louis vuitton outlet online. property for one located outside of the fifty states (plus Washington D,http://toms-for-sale23.webs.com.C,occhiali oakley.),ongchamp borse prezzi, you would be wise to take a second look at the legal precedents involved to ensure that the property will satisfy all like kind requirements,occhiali oakley, and if you are uncertain,1031 Exchanges Outside Of The United States Are They Possible ,borse alviero martini, it might be idea good idea to request a private letter ruling on your particular case,longchamp outlet.

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