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Escape the winter weather and discover some of the many wonders that
South America offers, from the beaches to spectacular scenery destinations,
with this article written by an South America travel expert. 

With winter in full
swing in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the perfect opportunity to escape to
the Southern. South America provides travelers an oasis of wonderful weather
and sights, which are sure to cure the winter blues.


Brazil: Take a
Brazil vacation, with one of the most stable tropical climates that exists, Rio
de Janeiro on the southeastern coast of Brazil provides temperatures that
average 84

,mbt scarpe, November through
March, allowing you to escape the snow and wintery winds. Rio de Janeiro
provides plenty of activities, historical sites like the National History
Museum,http://mbtscarpe001.webs.com/, which holds over 287,000 artifacts, and the National Museum of Fine
Arts both lay within the city. If you want to stay outside and enjoy the
weather take a trip up the Corcovado, the mountain that sits in the middle of
this bustling city. There are trains that travel the mountain, winding through
the beautiful Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world, all the way
to the summit,http://mbtprezzi.webs.com/. Here sits the Christ the Redeemer statue, which is one of the
Seven New Wonders of the World. On top of the Corcovado are also the most
spectacular views of the city’s skyline and beaches. To catch some rays the
southern zone of Rio de Janeiro is famous for its beaches,mbt vendita. The Copacabana will
allow you to soak up some vitamin D as you lounge on the beach, surf the waves,
or paraglide above the shores,http://mbtvendita.webs.com/.


Peru: Escape the
winter weather in a climate unlike any other, the Amazon Jungle. Peru is
divided into three main geographic regions, the coast, the Andes, and the
jungle. Over half of the entire country of Peru is occupied by the Amazon
Jungle, providing those with a sense of adventure, the vacation of a lifetime.
The Amazon jungle is home to over 40,000 types of plants, 3,000 species of
fish, 427 mammal types, and 2.5 million different types of insects, and there
are many still to be discovered. Take a Peru holiday and investigate the
mystery that is, the Amazon. With a variety of Amazon vacation packages
available you can flee the cold and explore the endless jungle and immerse into
the culture and everyday life of those who call this beautiful and lush land
their home.


Argentina: Find
yourself far far away from the winter weather discovering Argentina, home to
some of the most spectacular scenery in all of South America. Take comfort in
the warm summer climate, of the Iguazú Falls, declared a UNESCO World Heritage
Site, the falls cover an area of 1.68 miles, and are comprised of more than 275
distinct falls. The falls are spectacular, as well as the lush subtropical
jungle that surrounds them. This jungle is home to parrots, toucans, cacique
birds, and many other species of wildlife. A trip to the Iguazú falls will be
sure to take your mind off of the cold weather at home as would any Argentina


let winter get you down, find your sense of adventure on a trip to Peru, relax
on the beach with a Brazil vacation, or explore the natural wonders of
Argentina, and keep those winter blues away.

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