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Consumers looking for Windows 8 options will be happy to hear the latest news: Lenovo, Dell and Samsung officially announced that they’ll be releasing Windows RT tablets and laptops which own .

Until earlier today, the only devices that were seen running Windows RT included the low-end Microsoft Surface as well as the Asus Tablet 600. HP was not included in the list of manufacturers because the company is busy focusing on creating business-oriented devices owing to its Compatible Parts . Details and specifications about each of the devices are still very limited. Of all the upcoming devices, Lenovo has revealed the most information about its upcoming Windows 8 devices.
Lenovo is reportedly working with Nvidia to create its ARM-based Windows RT device,mbt footwear sale. The device will have a HP Keyboard that flips around to turn the product into a tablet,http://mbtsandalsuk.webs.com/. Experts believe that the product will resemble the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, which was released earlier this year. While the shell of the device will remain very similar, the hardware will be completely revamped with an Intel chip and Microsoft’s brand new operating system, Windows 8.

Lenovo has also already introduced a device called the ThinkPad Tablet 2,http://cheap-mbt-shoes-uk.webs.com/. The tablet is 9.8mm-thick, will be made available in 3G and 4G LTE models, has a stylus, keyboard and dock. The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 weighs 1.3 pounds, which is lighter than the iPad (1.44 lbs) and has a 10-hour battery life. Reviews of the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 have been generally favorable: “We came away relatively impressed, despite the fact that Lenovo doesn’t appear to be doing anything differently from other OEMs when it comes to Windows 8,cheap mbt shoes. When attached to the Lenovo Thinkpad Keyboard dock the device does legitimately feel like a laptop – the dock uses the same keyboard as many of Lenovo’s recent ultrabooks, which is a very good thing – but by itself the device is a light and sturdy tablet,” said The Verge.
Dell has not officially announced its new tablet computer,mbt on sale, but several reports have surfaced of leaked slides from the company. The tablet, which has been unofficially dubbed the “Dell Latitude 10” is rumored to be 10.1 inches and features Gorilla glass and an optional stylus. Although the price of the device has not been announced, the size of the screen indicates that it will be aimed as a competitor to the Apple iPad.

The Dell Latitude 10 reportedly weights 1.57 lbs and has an optional docking station with four USBs (presumably for accessories ). It is also rumored to run on the latest Intel Dual Core Atom Clover Trail 1.5+ GHz processor, holds up to 128GB SSD storage with 2GB of RAM. The battery can be removed an replaced. The battery is said to come in 2-cell or 4-cell varieties, but the battery life is not clear yet.
Samsung’s Windows RT tablet has been kept tightly under wraps. The name of the device has not leaked, nor have any juicy details about the hardware or casing. Samsung has verified that it will release a hybrid laptop-tablet along with an all-in-one PC, both of which will run on Windows 8. The Samsung Windows 8 tablet will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor according to a Bloomberg report and other Compatible Parts . It’s also reported to be released in October. Samsung has had an incredible amount of success using the Android operating system, but that success has also brought the company lots of legal trouble. Whether Samsung uses the same business model for its Windows 8 devices remains to be seen, but it’s fair to assume that the company will make a very sleek tablet device running Windows 8.
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