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With new researches coming our way and technology changing at the twinkle of eye,longchamp pas cher,converse all star 44686, the article lists certain technologies that are on their way to come to you and can surely change your attitude towards tech life:

Multi-Core CPUs: New deciding factors: Quad core CPUs are no new things,converse all star. Leave desktops,longchamp pas cher, they can be found assembled in your laptops even,longchamp soldes. But this is just the initiation,sac longchamp; real competition is yet to come- Which chip giant offers processor with more number of cores,converse pas cher? It is pegged as the next deciding factor for the sale of processors rather than clock speed,sac longchamp pas cher.

Multi-core processors improvise processing power and help to achieve multi tasking. In this battle, Intel is far ahead of its rival AMD and better sticks to the golden rule of chip designing. Soon,sac longchamp solde, by the end of this year,sac longchamp, the first version of Intel’s six core processor named Itanium will be released in the market,converse all star. After that the company will divert its attention to the production of new architecture,sac longchamp, Nehalem,chaussures converse, which will be marketed under the name of Core i7 and is supposed to support eight core architecture.

To counter this, AMD is designing an eight core processor named Montreal which can hit the market by 2009.

Chips are moving to miniaturization and will further reduce in the coming years,converse pas cher; cross your fingers for 32 cores of CPUs in the near future.

Windows7: The new Windows: People have just started loving Windows Vista and soon a replacement for it is coming,sac longchamp pas cher. Microsoft is working to gift its users with the revamped version of Windows Vista, Windows7,achat converse. The developers have been lucky enough to have a glimpse of this upcoming operating system which is supposed to address all the problems faced in Windows Vista that led to its tepid reception.

As of main enhancements, the upcoming operating system will address UAC thus making it more controllable by the users,converse all star; will have online integration and more cloud computing features,converse pas cher.

The pre-beta version has been offered to developers hoping to get it officially launched by end of next year or by early 2010,longchamp pas cher. Windows7 is supposed to have multi-touch and touch-screen abilities,longchamp pas cher.

Google’s Operating System: From Google Earth to Google Sky,converse pas cher all star,Unexplored Horizons In Tech Computing, Google Maps to Google Android,longchamp pas cher 01854,sac longchamp pliage, we are enjoying Google everywhere,sac longchamp pas cher. Soon,longchamp, we will have something new from Google which will push us completely into Google universe,sac a main longchamp pas cher, Google Desktop Operating System.

Google has its contenders in every market let it be browser or mobile operating system,converse all star,Unexplored Horizons In Tech Computing; so taking it for sure analysts pitch that next move by Google will be in desktop operating system.

It is expected that to counter attack its biggest rival and to make market more tough for Microsoft,converse pas cher, Google will for sure invade the desktop operating system segment.

64 Bit Computing: Access more RAM: With 64 bit computing processors coming with each computer,sac longchamp, Windows can not sustain in 32 bit computing world. They have to bring in the upgraded version of their operating systems as 32 bit computing operating systems limit the amount of RAM accessed by the computers thus limiting their processing power,converse all star. As for, Windows7,sac longchamp pas cher, the operating system has been demoed in both 32 bit and 64 bit computing versions,converse femme.

We have 64 bit computing version of MAC OS X leopard available already,sac longchamp.

These are just predictions for future and innovations that can arrive to change our lives. But predicting future is not an easy job,longchamp pas cher. This was just our effort to imagine what technology can bring in to make changes in our lives,basket converse pas cher.

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