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WinXP boot main problem and fix dilemmas

Hi, i’m new in this article, and that i desperately will be needing guide. this is often my for starters article here, possibly not my last. 😛 often things like this i can fix, but this is often a bugger. and when i often cant correct it, i just format. 😛

but this time, replicachristianlouboutinhouse.com i cant afford to pay for to structure, due to the fact that i have alot of schoolwork and saved games (yes, that may get without end to have again to that stage), and alot of other worthwhile facts. that is my drawback:

the ability went out as i used to be absent, and certainly i have a surgeprotector. my laptop shutdown and rebooted, http://www.replicachristianlouboutinhouse.com asking me which method besides in. I tried usually, and it acquired like 1sec into that lil boot animation by home windows, then restarted on me. so i attempted final acknowledged fine config configurations, however identical detail. if i press esc, it reboots, www.tradechristianlouboutin.com if i dont, it reboots. so i checked your forusm for the bit, and found i should certainly run chkdsk. i experiment with and it claims just ‘the quantity seems to possess one or even more unrecvorable issues.’. i consider that cmd on C: that is certainly my boot. i’ve two drives, with 3 paritions – a 161gb parition, 30gb parition along with a solitary 149gb travel. my 149 was travel D and drive E was the 161. i do a dir cmd on them, replica shoes louboutintrendreplicachristianlouboutin.com and C: ends up declaring ‘an error happened while in listing enumeration,’, D: presents me the right contents, but E: provides me my cd dirve, and that is almost always G:. i have experienced a specific thing much like this occur right before, fake christian louboutin but i got allow from (you guessed it) you men on another topic. my present-day set up is as follows:

amd 64 3000+

asus a8v deluxe motherboard

512mb ram

maxtor 200gb high definition (paritioned into 161 and 27gb)

wd 160gb hd

ati 9600 professional gfx card

memorex dvd-/+ r/rw 16x DL

i engineered this myself, and its just greater than a yr previous. the odd factor was, i used to be absent all day; i remaining it idle (just downloading some things like i definitely do), and come residential home to learn the power went out, and my laptop or computer was in shambles. i realllllllllly might need the info off of the C: push, christian louboutin replica and i am undecided learn how to go about this without having asking you men. thanks for taking the time to look at this. so i found an aged hd, set windows xp on it, then place my regular boot generate as slave to test and see if i could accessibility the information. now for many factor, the push is shown in windows explorer, but its a raw file model. i really unquestionably hope its not formatted, when you consider that there is so much on there that i cant ever get back. i am in reality wanting to know how it could formta alone just becaues the facility went out. any recommendations? thanks






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