5How to Minimize Time in Phone Tag Hell Coaching for Lawyers

To answer that question,Jordan Grape 5, you have to give some thought to it; you have to plan for the possibility (the likelihood,Foamposites 2013?) that you’ll get your target’s voicemail,Jordan 5 Retro. Take 60 seconds before you pick up the phone to organize the statement

However, the vast majority of voicemails deal with ongoing situations within existing relationships ― and yet too many people simply play phone tag,Grape 5s. “Susan,Foamposites, it’s Larry. Give me a call back,Foamposites For Sale. I have a question about the latest revision of the buyout clause.” That kind of message is only one step up from “Tag. You’re it.”

First, become more aware of when you can use voicemail to move a conversation forward. If you’re reaching out to someone new or you’re contacting someone about a new topic, there’s no conversation to sustain, that’s true. But at the very least, you can let the person know when you’d like them to try to get back to you. Or you can, depending on the nature of your call, ask them to get back to your assistant with the answer. Or you can leave your email address and offer that as an option for a return communication.

Ask yourself, “What can I say in the message I leave that will increase the likelihood of the person getting back to me with the information I’m looking for?”

Like so many technologies, voicemail is both a blessing and a curse. We rely on it, but we’re often frustrated by it. So how can you use it more effectively? How can you minimize the amount of time you spend playing phone tag?

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