Although they are called shoeshttp://sacchanel5webnodefr/ urban male specialist Giorgio Brutini is a name guys have relied on for years. With varieties ranging from textured animal prints all the way to basic slip-on driving slippers, Brutini creations are among the most interesting and attention-stealing in today marketplace. Men in LA are making more of an effort to slide into an anything-but-boring,Office Footwear, snazzy style of shoe. For a relatively affordable price, they sell great lace-ups with color contrasts or unusual shades of leather such as olive green or natural bone. Both are ideal for looking classy, yet office-suitable, this fall without being overly obvious or gaudy.

Although they are called shoes, implying leisurely chic footwear meant for Sunday morning outings to Starbucks, certain styles of these sleek-looking, cozy slip-ons are being worn during misty Pacific Ocean mornings. Cole Haan makes a few exceptional pairs of these shoes; non-glossy leather and a minimal amount of rubber on the bottoms is what you want this season.

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