And even more bizarrelyhttp://sacchanel5webnodefr/ City Council has finally intervened, and published its Draft Scheme of Special Planning Control for the street and, predictably enough,Grafton Street plans are a joke, it’s another exercise in shuffling deck chairs around the Titanic.

Because while banging on about the need to create a vibrant mix of businesses, nowhere in the proposal does the council address the one thing that is destroying Grafton Street – the astronomical rents.

For years, the council sat idly by as one UK retail giant after another moved into Grafton Street, happy to pay the ever-increasing rents demanded by landlords, which bit by bit made the street unaffordable for indigenous businesses.

Absurdly, it points out how important Bewleys Cafe is to the fabric of Grafton Street, seemingly unaware of the trouble that cafe has been going through the last few years as it fights to bring down its 1.5m a year rent.

And even more bizarrely, in its list of shops that it considers to be undesirable on the thoroughfare, it names fast-food restaurants, newsagents and mobile phone shops, the type of business that seems to account for one out of every four shops on the street at the moment.

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