and why do you sound so good when you sing along with the radiohttp://sac you lose, you get the humiliation of strolling back to the table to be greeted by the horrified faces of your friends. They thought you could sing, after all. That’s what you had told them, right? Always a joker in the bunch, one of your friends has pulled out a cell phone and recorded your performance for you. You listen to it and are mortified to find that you did not hit a single note,How To Sing In Tune, but you did assault several of them. Criminal charges are probably pending. Wow, how did you get so out of tune, and why do you sound so good when you sing along with the radio?

Practice is the key here. You must practice repetitively in order to find and hold the perfect pitch so that you can sing in tune. Find a comfortable note, preferably played on a piano. Now hit that note with your voice, holding it for several beats and working to maintain the same quality the entire time. It may take several tries before you find the note that you can comfortably and accurately hold. Now use this note as the beginning and work to do the same with several others. If you find yourself falling out of tune, go back to your start note and begin again.

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