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n I talk with new clients one thing I almost always hear in our first conversation is that they have been sending out countless resumes over the internet with nearly zero response from potential employers,Burberry Handbags.

The internet can be a successful way to find jobs but if you do it wrong you can find yourself feeling burnt-out and anxious from hours of surfing, sending and waiting.

Here are three powerful tips to get your internet job search activity running smooth and easy with lots of great results.

Tip #1: Use a job aggregator

This single tip is worth its weight in gold,Burberry Outlet. Using a job aggregator (a beta search engine) works just like Google. You type in what you are looking for and where you are looking for it and it brings you back results from major and minor job boards, associations and companies. My favorite is indeed, COM. It’s super easy and intuitive.

Tip #2: Don’t just use the internet to search for jobs

To truly be committed to making your next career move a really good one you must honor that commitment by using other, non traditional methods to look for jobs. I prefer tapping into the 80% of the job market that isn’t advertised. Through doing this you can quickly identify your target market, best companies and associations to contact, land more interviews and get bigger offers.

It works like this because positions that have yet to be advertised are generally more creative and flexible in terms of what the company is looking for, salary ranges and the hiring process in general is strikingly easier and more informal than the typical rigid HR process a job that has been turned over to them entails.

Now if you are interested in finding out more about the unadvertised market for a very tiny investment I suggest you look at the “Events With Mary Elizabeth” section of this newsletter where I am offering you a very special pre-release price on my new electronic guidebook which is all about the hidden job market.

Tip #3: Delete your other job board email alerts

If you have been jumping from board to board setting up email alerts and accounts now is the time to delete (yes delete) all of your email alerts from the various job boards. This will get rid of all that overwhelm (and lots of junk advertisements) that come into your email in box. Replaced with the elegant and powerful job aggregator that you can easily set up email alerts on – brand new positions that are matches for you will be delivered to your email in box daily.

And one last small tip – I recommend spending no more than 30 minutes each day on reviewing jobs on the internet. Yes you may find your next dream job from the internet but creating a plan to use 2 or 3 other techniques for landing the job you really want will serve you much better than the small 1 to 4% response rate internet jobs generally yield from electronic job boards.

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