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http://sacslouisvuittonfr.webs.com/The child custody criteria in Louisiana takes a slightly more traditional stance than most other states. If this is the state where a divorce, and subsequent child custody dispute is going to be taking place, there are certain very important issues to be aware of.

Understanding Child Custody Criteria in Louisiana

The Louisiana judicial system provides guidelines for parents to follow if an amicable agreement cannot be reached regarding how custody of their children will be divided. The idea here is to try and avoid taking the matter to court if at all possible. (After all,Child Custody Criteria Louisiana, the court may end up making a decision neither parent would find satisfactory.) Also, if the child in question is old enough, Louisiana state law puts more weight on the child’s wishes than a lot of other states.

The part of child custody criteria in Louisiana that’s more traditional is that usually, the mother will indeed be favored regarding custody. This is not to say the law expressly gives mothers more child custody rights. It’s just that the maternal instinct seems to be weighed more heavily when considering how to serve a child’s best interests.

Avoid the Courts

Again, the main thing to keep in mind if a divorce in Louisiana means settling child custody issues, is to try and agree on the matter without the “help” of the courts. Chances are, a father will be given the short end of the stick. If fathers want to stay in their children’s lives as much as possible, they should be sure to try and reach a child custody agreement without judicial intervention.http://sacvuitton2013.webs.com/

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