and billowing skirts You’ll find a heavy use of patterns and colorshttp: is, above all else, about identification. The clothes you wear situate you within one tribe or another,lunettes chanel. They tell stories about who you are, and even more importantly and accurately,lunettes chanel, who you want to be,Louis Vuitton Pas Cher. Even clothes that aim to blend in with the crowd and call as little attention as possible to their wearer tell a story. Keeping this all-pervasive connection between identity and fashion,bijoux chanel pas cher, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise most fashion companies,Sacs Louis Vuitton, including Nasty Girl, sell themselves as a lifestyle,Chaussures Louis Vuitton, as enabling entrance into a social group first and as a seller of garments second.

Tapping the same vein,sac chanel pas cher, it also shouldn’t come as any surprise that the value of most fashion companies depends on how much you want to identify with the tribe it caters to. Hugo Boss may make objectively high quality clothes suits but their garments are totally valueless to a Punk-Oriented individual.

Because identification is the most important element of fashion it’s clear the best clothing companies aren’t just those who sell the best clothes,chanel pas cher, but those who tell the best story around the clothes they sell.

If any fashion company understands the importance of story,lunettes chanel, it’s Nasty Gal. Rather than touting the hand-stitching on their clothes or the organic fabrics used in their garments, Nasty Gal leads its sales charge by calling itself “a global online destination for fashion-forward,sac chanel pas cher, free-thinking girls,Louis Vuitton Pas Cher.” The company is young,chanel sacs, founded in 2006,sac chanel, and caters to a young crowd,chanel pas cher. Originating as an e-bay store hawking a “carefully curated selection of vintage pieces” Nasty Gal still sells a few seemingly second-hand items on its site, but now focuses far more on selling clothes with an intentionally designed vintage inspired aesthetic.

As such, Nasty Gal caters to the sort of girl who you’d expect to shop at vintage stores,sac chanel. Includes staples such as dresses, tops,Lunettes Louis Vuitton, bottoms,Sacs Louis Vuitton, intimates, outerwear and swimwear,Louis Vuitton Pas Cher.

Shoes. Includes platforms, boots, wedges, heels, booties, sandals, flats,Lunettes Louis Vuitton, sneakers, and litas,chanel pas cher.

Accessories. Includes bags,sac chanel, jewelry,Lunettes Louis Vuitton, eyewear, watches, hair, hats, belts, scarves, gloves,Chaussures Louis Vuitton, socks and legwear.

Vintage. Includes replicas of vintage clothing,Sacs Louis Vuitton.

Collections,sac a dos. Includes items included in Nast Gal’s monthly lookbooks as well as clothing lines revolving around specific conceptual themes (such as Riot Girly and Blinded By the Light).

The vintage inspiration cited by Nasty Gal is easy to see,Chaussures Louis Vuitton. You’ll find sheer tank tops, light knit sweaters, flaring dresses, and billowing skirts. You’ll find a heavy use of patterns and colors, crocheting and caged tees and dresses,sac chanel pas cher. You’ll find cut-off jean shorts and fringed crop tops.

There’s one big problem, a huge point of disconnect between these clothes and Nasty Gal’s mission statement, the big conceptual “cool girl” idea it wraps itself in. All of these clothes, all of these styles, have already gone mainstream. While these specific items may only be available via Nasty Gal’s website, you can find these styles anywhere you want. Supposedly “vintage” fashions can be found en-masse within mainstream clothing brands. Nothing Nasty Gal sells is particularly outrageous or original. Just about everything you see at Nasty Gal can be found at any reasonably well-stocked mall.

Nasty Gal runs into a second problem within its product line. Its so-called “vintage” clothes, those clothes supposedly picked up from second-hand shops, are anything but. Like the rest of the clothes sold by Nasty Gal these “vintage” clothes are imitations, albeit more direct imitations than the rest of the line. They aren’t one-of-a-kind items, they are items that were once one-of-a-kind that Nasty Gal mass-produced and now sells at outrageous prices.

Here’s the thing, many items for sale on Nasty Gal are very reasonably priced, at least compared to the company’s direct competition within the fashion world. When shopping through Nasty Gal’s regular lines of clothing you’ll be able to get crop tops for $30, knit sweaters for under $70, and dresses ringing up between $50-$100. These prices may sound high to some, but for the design quality and fashionable air given off by Nasty Gal’s garments, they are being sold at the market’s prices.

Nasty Gal’s pricing only really increases in their “vintage” line.

Here’s the thing. It makes a certain kind of sense to sell a vintage 1989 Rolling Stones North American Tour shirt for $228, provided that shirt was:

Actually bought during the 1989 Rolling Stones North American Tour.

Very rare and hard to find, preferably one-of-a-kind.

The real vintage clothing market is a collector’s market, and like all items sold on a collector’s market, vintage clothing derives its value according to high demand, an organically low supply, and the ephemeral quality known as “authenticity” that comes from a garment originating in a very specific time and place that is not a modern manufacturing plant.

Nasty Gal sells clothes from their “vintage” line as if they were real. They sell that Rolling Stones shirt for $228 as if it really came from that tour. But the tour shirts you order from Nasty Gal weren’t made in 1989 and sold at Rolling Stone concerts. They were made this year by one of Nasty Gal’s suppliers. They are not in low supply, they can be produced (and purchased) according to infinite supply. The only shred of authenticity they hold lies within the fact they replicate the design printed on the actual shirts from the tour it references.

And Nasty Gal sells these shirts at a price point of a loyal collector’s market. Maybe this is the market Nasty Gal once sold to, but now they speak directly to mass-market teenagers and 20-something’s ostensibly looking to stand out from the crowd, and this sort of pricing model has yet to catch up to Nasty Gal’s new base.

Not necessarily. When it comes to the staples they sell,April 2013 Coupon Codes, Nasty Gal offers some very attractive garments at the sorts of prices you’d expect. Sure, these garments don’t always live up to the non-conformist attitude they attempt to express, and yes, most of these garments don’t vary too wildly from what you can find at countless other modern fashion stores, but some of Nasty Gal’s clothes really are as original as their entire line claims to be, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with buying clothes that mimic what’s cool right now.

The only clothes I can’t recommend from Nasty Gal are those garments found within its “vintage” collection. These are good clothes, attractive, cool, and perfectly aligned with their market’s desires, and if they were priced the same as the rest of the company’s garments I’d have no problem recommending them. But they aren’t, they are priced many times higher than everything else sold by Nasty Gal, and with no good reason. Avoid them, and focus elsewhere on Nasty Gal’s clean, attractive and highly functional website.

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