Efficacy of retinoic acid on oral lichen planus

Efficacy of retinoic acid on oral lichen planus
May 11, 2012

Oral lichen planus is a common chronic inflammatory multifactorial disease in oral mucosal,kobe 8 shoes. Its incidence rate of 0.5% to 2%. It is the result of interaction between genetic and lifestyle factors

Most patients have partial spontaneous pain, discomfort mucosa rough consumption and limited clinical symptoms. It has impacts on daily life for patients. Tretinoin has a significant effect on the acute oral lichen planus.
Recovered after retinoic acid treatment of oral lichen planus: a white textured decline,www.nikefreerunmore.com, erosion healing, oral discomfort. Significant improvement: white textured part of the disappearance of erythema congestion relief, reduce the area of the erosion surface is almost healed, oral pain,jordan 8 2013. Slightly improved: the erosion surface narrow,www.airmaxonsale2013.com, white textured lighter, erythema congestion relief,nike kobe 8, and sometimes spicy food is still causing pain.
Incomplete pathological manifestations of OLP,jordan grape 5, epithelial keratosis, hyperkeratosis formation, thickening of the epithelium, basal layer liquefaction and infiltration of lamina propria lymphocytes ribbon. Studies have shown that lymphocyte-mediated immune response, partial release of the role of cytokines and apoptosis of keratinocytes exception of oral lichen planus, the development of important factors. Cytokines by keratinocytes cells and infiltrating inflammatory cells, it stimulated lymphocytes from the blood circulation to migrate to subcutaneous inflammatory infiltration,Food Sources That Boost Glutathione Naturally,michael kors outlet. IFN-³ induction of oral mucosal lesions at the expression of adhesion molecules and cell adhesion molecules can regulate immune function, the lymphocyte migration to the occurrence of immune response the exudative organizations interact and T cells and target cell antigen.
In addition,grapes 5, the lesions of oral lichen planus T cells and secretion of the chemokines can stimulate human mast cell degranulation and degranulation of mast cells to release TNF-alpha, TNF-± can increase the secretion of chemokines,jordan 8 for sale, and so on ad infinitum produce lesions. Retinoic acid can inhibit the OLP-based cell-mediated immune response, cell activating factor,bugs bunny 8s, such as IL-2 and TNF-alpha levels, while retinoic acid-induced apoptosis of epithelial cells in patients with oral lichen planus lesions. The collective effect the local OLP lesions and chronic inflammation reduced,cheap foamposites. The clinical symptoms are also improved.
Retinoic acid can promote epithelial metabolism,Coach Factory Online, growth and cell differentiation. It can be used by cosmetic raw material suppliers,Foamposites. It also can be used as medical drugs,Breast Augmentation When You Need a Change,grape 5s for sale. There are retinoic acid receptors in the human body,jordan grape 5. These receptors play an important role in epithelial proliferation, differentiation and inflammation process. The role of retinoic acid is mediated though the retinoic acid receptor,Cheap Foamposites. It has great side effects,www.jordan13forsale2013.org. Therefore,grapes 5, the initial dose should be small,grape 5s. After half a year medication stopping,A Solution To Respiratory Problems,www.grape5sonline2013.com, it can be used again. It is also noted that the local stimulus should be removed before applying. Otherwise it will easily lead to the cancers.

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