Many fragments belonged to coffins,http://lunettesoakleyfrancewebscom/

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As an excavator or a finds registrar,lunettes ray ban, the fragments of wood found in a grave – termite eaten,nike football, small,gianmarco lorenzi 2013, broken and often powdery – are rather challenging to comprehend in terms of the original objects,Abercrombie Paris.

The 2009 excavations within post-New Kingdom chamber tombs (about 1000-800 BC) in cemetery C yielded an unexpected mass of wood fragments – which filled a series of large plastic bags we have only just managed to turn our attention to,f50 adizero. The burial chambers were heavily disturbed and the wooden fragments were not found in their original position,gianmarco lorenzi, so only a small amount of them had been singled out as diagnostic finds at the end of the 2009 season,ray ban.

Time and patience were needed,ray ban pas cher, and this last week we both embarked on many afternoons of sifting through the dusty fragments,burberry outlet. Fragments from each archaeological context were laid out on a large metal tray,mercurial. It was still not possible to identify meaningful shapes with many fragments,Ray ban Wayfarer, but some elements were distinctive – and we encountered some nice surprises,burberry pas cher.

Fragments of furniture from grave G201: funerary beds

and a headrest

Many fragments belonged to coffins: simple wooden planks,lunettes ray ban, some with remnants of painted decoration,abercrombie et fitch pas cher. Also distinctive are the fragments of Nubian funerary beds,abercrombie soldes, identifiable on the basis of better examples found in other graves (G214,Abercrombie Pas Cher, for example),nike football.

The terminals of the bed legs can be square or curved,burberry soldes, sometimes carved with decorative lines,lunette ray ban aviator. Finely-worked fragments of headrests occasionally decorated with lines in a wavy pattern – were also encountered,Abercrombie & Fitch. Fragments of crossbeams,mercurial vapor, maybe also from beds,nike requin pas cher, and pieces of delicate baskets or dowels were also found,burberry soldes, some still embedded in other pieces of wood,lunettes ray ban moisn cher.

Emerging from the storeroom: Marie and Michaela after an afternoon sorting dusty old wood

Despite a daily covering in fine,gianmarco lorenzi cuissardes, ancient,mercurial vapor, wood dust,abercrombie femme, we are learning more and more about the fine wooden funerary objects being placed with the burials of the inhabitants of Amara West,sac burberry.

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