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Review of your Legislation and Observe of Disclosure in Criminal Proceedings in Scotland

14. Redaction, and determination of disputes14.one The goal of redaction have been spelled out before. This redaction is often noticeable over the face belonging to the doc and ordinarily contains critical information which can be often not substance, these as phone figures, place of work addresses etc of witnesses. In the outset I ought to like to make two details. The main is the fact it might be appealing to own well-understood rules about program redactions. The next is it will be fundamental to make certain that there is enough time and enough conversation in between prosecution and defence to allow these kinds of disputes to always be fixed, so far as doable, without recourse into the courtroom.

14.three The approach to the redaction of witness statements is publicly set out within the Crown Apply Assertion on Disclosure in Great Court cases ( Annex 10), http://extremefangrowth.com/montblanc-pens-outlet/ which states:

“…it shall be open up with the Crown to redact the assertion to obscure tips of the confidential character contained within the assertion, the disclosure of which the Crown considers never to be needed for the planning on the defence…but any redaction shall be evident about the encounter of your statement.”

14.four This method has now been prolonged to all situations (solemn and summary) and direction notes are issued to COPFS workers on redaction of witness statements, with additional tips being drawn up in the redaction of other documentation these as medical records.

14.5 The original redaction of non-public guidance in statements is undertaken with the law enforcement, while using COPFS creating a further assessment on the statement previous to its disclosure on the defence. Lately the techniques for this happen to be streamlined through the introduction of your National Normal Assertion ( Annex five). When having an original assertion with this format the police break up the data into disclosable and non-disclosable sections just before revealing it to COPFS. COPFS (who acquire the total assertion) thereafter do an extra look at of your total in the statement to verify that (i) all acceptable irrelevant and delicate content has become removed from the disclosable sections and (ii) that no help and advice contained throughout the non-disclosable sections needs to generally be disclosed in relation to the Crown’s obligations below McLeod.

fourteen.six Related preparations are utilized when consideration is supplied eg to deciding upon which pieces of clinical report particulars have to have to become disclosed. Usually, will probably be obvious which sections of these types of documents are applicable to your circumstance and of future value to the defence, extremefangrowth.com/montblanc-pens-outlet/ and only this substance will undoubtedly be disclosed. As with other types of redaction, the ultimate resolution on what to redact often rests because of the prosecutor.

fourteen.seven Where exactly the Crown have redacted paperwork, it’s most of the time clear to the defence, in the context, what type of information and facts have been has become eradicated. If, http://extremefangrowth.com/montblanc-pens-outlet/ though, it’s not at all sharp towards defence what has become taken off, either considering that no inference should be drawn or when you consider that a large quantity of text appears to have been eliminated, the defence http://extremefangrowth.com/montblanc-pens-outlet/ the} prosecution could be inspired to move forward by discussion.

Resolution of disputes

fourteen.eight Wherever the defence are usually not satisfied with the redacted facts, the defence and Crown has to be encouraged, from the 1st instance, to test to take care of the problem by discussing it as brazenly as you can. Where exactly that discussion fails, there isn’t any option but to refer the condition to your courtroom.

14.nine In Scotland, http://extremefangrowth.com/montblanc-pens-outlet/ at this time, in the event the defence disagree together with the Crown’s check out that a thing is just not disclosable, they’re able to petition the court docket for commission and diligence for that recovery of files.

fourteen.10 The process of “Public Immunity Interest” hearings which I recommended in chapter 6 of this report must be noticed as complementary to those current procedures. It may be doable for PII questions to be addressed inside the existing structure of preliminary hearings, at the very least inside of the considerably more uncomplicated conditions.


14.eleven I recognise that in some situations redaction could be a resource of discomfort towards the defence, for instance in conditions wherever they do not are convinced there may be any sensitivity regarding the address of witnesses but notice that they have to generate arrangements to call witnesses from the law enforcement or procurator fiscal 27. I recognise also that redaction could be a time-consuming doing exercises for COPFS personnel. It does though seem to be an applicable would mean of wanting to reconcile competing interests and i trust this solution could be continued. I would although encourage which the internal rules referred to could be checked in gentle of the report, http://extremefangrowth.com/montblanc-pens-outlet/ to make sure that which they clearly and properly established out direction on redaction and as well as (i) when critical information ought to be labeled as irrelevant and sensitive and (ii) the correct observe to comply with wherever intel is suitable and delicate. As observed in fourteen.2, I also suggest the rules should really if at all possible be constructed public, to ensure all events can share a common idea of how redaction is completed.

14.12 Irrespective of the increased useful complexity, in principle the same method applies to the redaction of videotape materials this kind of as recordings of law enforcement interviews with vulnerable witnesses (see also chapter 17).






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