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ding Free SMS via web to mobile phone is new fab which is slowly turning into fashion of sorts. This may also happen that you want to send text message to your friend or customer but you forget the mobile phone? No problem, we’ve got some web sites (free sms from pc to mobile), to help you get started with staying in constant contact with your friends,Cheap Foamposites, families and even your customers.

Bloove is web-based mobile management.(free sms from pc to mobile), You can edit contacts,Foamposites For Sale, make phone calls and send SMS. Bloove also facilitate with SMS backup for Symbian phones,Foamposites 2013. Bloove gives you all basic features free of cost.

160by2 allows you to send free text sms up to 80 characters long. 160by2 add contextual ads ads into SMS that you send from 160by2,Jordan 5.To avoid the misuse of service each user can send up to 50 messages in a day,Retro Jordan 5. Also, you can only send 10 messages to one particular number in a day.

txtDrop is just another website that allow users to send free SMS. txtDrop ask recepient’s mobile number and emails after you give this information type the text message and send to the recipient.

way2sms is India specific SMS sending website. Way2sms is an India specific SMS sending service. way2sms send 160 characters long text SMS. In 160 character long SMS 92 characters are for text message and remaining characters are for advertisement.

Jaxtr connect your mobile phone to the web, so by this you can hear from the callers worldwide. Jaxtr recently launched its free service for sending SMS covering mobile phones in 38 countries. Jaxtr send 65 character text message and remaining message is composed of advertisements. Jaxtr has one unique feature that is recipient can reply to the sender.

SMSGupShup is very different free SMS sending web service as compare to others because user send a SMS to a number and SMSGupShup will send message to all your group members. by using SMSGupShup user can send SMS to group size from 1 to 5000.

Yahoo lets you to send 160 characters long messages.Yahoo! doesn’t charge you to send SMS, however, the person receiving your message will be charged standard messaging rates for each SMS received or replied to.

Google Send to Phone for Firefox is an extension that enables you to send short text messages of web page content to your mobile phone. For example, you might text message yourself a phone number, an address, or directions that you find on the Web.after you install the Firefox extension then Select some text and click the cell phone icon in the upper right hand corner of the browser. This will open a new window where you can send the text you just selected as a text message.Fill in the number you wish to send the message to and select the appropriate carrier. Click the ‘Send Message’ button to send the message.

there are some other free SMS sending service.(free sms from pc to mobile)



*Visit free sms from pc to mobile










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