3Maryland Restricts Handheld Mobile Phones for Drivers and Requires Drivers

The Handheld Law

Maryland now requires drivers to give an extra lane of space to an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road. The new law applies whenever an emergency vehicle is stopped on the side of the road and a car is approaching the emergency vehicle from behind. When that happens, drivers are required to move over a lane if it’s safe to do so. If the driver can’t safely move over one lane, he or she has to slow down to a safe speed.

This is NOT a law that changes what happens when an emergency vehicle is coming up behind you in traffic. If you’re driving and you see an ambulance in your rear view mirror, you should get out of the way,Grapes 5, but not because of this new law. Under the new law,Louboutin, you have to slow down so you can pass the emergency vehicle safely,Jordan 5 For Sale, or move one lane of traffic over so that there is a buffer between you and the first-responder.

The law only applies to you if you’re approaching an ambulance, police car,Jordan 5 Retro, or other first responder vehicle from the same direction the vehicle is pointing,Grape 5s. As I read it, the law does not require you to give extra breathing room to an emergency vehicle when the ambulance, say, is pulled over and facing the wrong way in traffic. Of course, giving that extra space is still the considerate thing to do.

Maryland is one of the last states to adopt this kind of law,Christian Louboutin UK. As I understand it, the only two U.S. jurisdictions that don’t presently require you to move over a lane for an emergency vehicle are Washington D.C. and Hawaii. If you really like to legally crowd police when you drive, your options are pretty limited,Louboutin UK.

The “Move Over” Law

new traffic laws in Maryland took effect on October 1,Grapes 5s For Sale, 2010. If a driver violates these new laws and causes an accident,Jordan 5, that driver can be held responsible for any injuries he causes.

Maryland also now bans the use of a cell phone while driving without the use of a hands free device.

There are a few exceptions: There are three quick exceptions; emergency calls, turning your phone on or off, or starting or finishing a phone call. You can comply with the law by quickly telling the person calling you that you’re going to plug in your headset, but not saying much else. Beyond that, unless you’re calling 911, it’s illegal in Maryland to talk on your cell phone while you drive without a headset.

One good question is whether you can be pulled over for talking on a cell phone without a headset. Strictly speaking, the answer is no; talking on a cell phone is not what’s called a “primary offense” (a primary offense, as you’ve probably guessed, is one that the police can pull you over for). A police officer can ticket you for talking on a cell phone without a headset only if you’re pulled over for something else too. However, negligent driving is a primary offense, meaning a police officer can pull you over for negligent driving, and then ticket you for talking on your cell phone without a headset.

School bus drivers and people driving on a provisional license are barred from using a cell phone while they drive in any event; regardless of whether they have a headset. And teen drivers have already been barred from driving while using a cell phone in Maryland.

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