Aura And Outlook, Two New Saturn Vehicles

Aura And Outlook Jordan Phoenix Suns 8, Two New Saturn Vehicles
Thousands of car engineers and vehicle designers of the General Motor Corporation teamed up and worked as one to create two of the newest Saturn vehicles Jordan Retro 8. And automobile experts now see these new ones to be quite promising. Saturn would soon be introducing the Saturn Aura and the Saturn Outlook.

The Saturn Aura took the spot that used to belong to the Saturn L series. It is a midsize vehicle built as a sedan. It uses the FF Epsilon platform Phoenix Suns 8s. Engine choices for this vehicle include the 2.4 liter BAS hybrid engine, the 3.5 liter LZ4 V6 engine, and the 3.6 liter LY7 V6 engine. Its competition in the auto market would now include the Chrysler Sebring, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Volkswagen Passat, Mercury Milan, and the Toyota Camry.

Just like the Saturn Aura, the Saturn Outlook would be coming with quality designed Saturn auto parts. It is a crossover SUV crafted to its full size. The FF AWD Lambda has been used for its platform. The engine that it will use would be a 3.6 liter L LY7 V6 engine coupled with a six speed 6T70 automatic transmission system. The Dodge Durango, Nissan Armada, Ford Expedition, and Toyota Sequoia would be its competition once it is out in the market.

Experts in the automotive world find that these two new vehicles signal and shout out to be quite a good move for Saturn. In fact, it just shows that Saturn can make do without the usual type of style and design of General Motors that does not seem to keep up with the latest moves and trends in the market. These new vehicles can be considered as an oasis in the middle of the GM’s desert of vehicles.

If Saturn continues this trend and sends vehicles like the Saturn Aura and the Saturn Outlook in the market, the brand is more likely to reap in more sales for the company.

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