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T-shirt trend never fades; it only gets newer and better with passing generations. The clothing for all seasons and all reasons, t-shirts are always the top-notch choice of apparel across all nations today, An interesting survey revealed that adults, especially Americans,Coach Factory Outlet, wear tees about five times in seven days. And with the fashion biggies like Polo Ralph Lauren or Abercrombie & Fitch bringing out cool to cooler tee designs every year, no wonder that the world would have a lot to say for the tees and on the tees.

Well, although t-shirts are experimented worldwide mostly in this century, its existence can be traced back to the 1800s,Coach Bags. For those who don’t know, t-shirts first came out as a kind of underwear for its softness. It soon won European admiration before moving to conquer the Americans during World War I. The US military men took heart to the tees in no time. By the next World War,Coach Outlet, t-shirts have got a unique niche in the clothing business, catering to huge demands.

The powerhouse production of the best-styled tees began thereafter. From Marlon Brando featuring across the chest to happening messages screaming at curious onlookers―the t-shirts had its share of all. Every cloth maker nursed their tee range in an attempt to make it more attractive and ‘kewl’ in terms of designs, cuts and materials. Rest assured, by then the world knew that t-shirts were there to stay.

Although statistics suggest that men own more tees than women, t-shirts have become quite a generic garment today. The most popular tees are those with logos on them. Graphic tees are a close second in people’s choice, with school/company name marked t-shirts toeing in as third. Youngsters love to flaunt their heroes on tees, while some may like only a bright-colored t-shirt with smart designs on them. Others would like to wear it in its original form―the white and indigenous. Yet some others would want to let their religion speak in their Christian t shirts, explicit with Christian images/messages.

With the Internet bringing in everything handy, tee-fans can never ask for more. Now they can even personalize their tees and order them online. You may have your own face, your pet’s photo, your sketch, etc. printed on your tee. You may also get a t-shirt graced with your own quotes or humorous anecdotes.

Fashion retailers and websites constantly work towards maintaining the tees’ popularity curve. That is one reason why the Christian shirts with their spiritual overtones are a success. These have been able to blend fashion and religion so well that it ought to have been a winner. But not just this, the t-shirt fever lives on in various forms and will rule the future with as much ardor as now.

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