KCould You Help Us Sell Our Crosses

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I Love This Business!!!

Disciple’s Cross was started as a craft idea at a summer youth camp in the early 90’s,Jordan 5.

Pastor John Raymond was continually able to meet the growing demand for his Disciple’s Cross

necklaces, until his appearance on the Emmy Award winning CBS television show, Survivor: Thailand.

Since then, the business has been growing ever since,Foamposites 2013.

You will never make money from the vast majority of work from home opportunities. But it’s not your fault!

Many work from home companies use questionable business practices or underhanded tactics to ensure

that they make money,Jordan 5 Grape, but leave you with piles of worthless junk and empty pockets. Some of these dirty

tricks include complex assembly instructions that no regular person could follow, minimum quotas in order

to get paid,Foamposites For Sale, or complicated piece work that pays so little that you end up making well below minimum wage.

Great for people that are not afraid to talk to people. We provide everything you will Cash !!!

I’ll tell you a little story about started back about 3 years ago,Retro Jordan 5, and it started out as a hobbie.

The hobbie became more and more in demand!!! I had people calling me in the late evening about these

crosses. We started to take orders for custom customer could choose 1, 2 or up to 3 colors per

cross. Our customers got really creative, school colors, football and basketball colors, you name it, they were

coming up with all types of colors!!! Well, here we are 3 years later, with over 24 reps in place and we are in

3 states now (and growing). Let me share with you some of my personal records in this business: 10 crosses

to 1 single on 7 doors in a row and sold 11 crosses, knocked one area and in 3 hours came

back with 37 crosses $370.00 gross) We want you to be totally happy with the cross business, so

we are offering this 7 DAY TRIAL PERIOD: The start up deposit is just $69.00 and includes training, and script

of what to say at the door, 18 different colored crosses configured as keychains and necklaces, and a FREE

18 compartment display box for your crosses.

We give you a full 7 day trial period, if your selling and you want to buy additional crosses at anytime… Great!!!

they only cost you $3.00 each ($7.00 profit for you) if not, just return the unsold portion with the box, and you get

a full refund of your unsold questions asked!!

We would love to have you join us, we have reps out there right now earning $100, $150 and $200 daily cash days!!!

Make $7.00 out of every $10.00 In This HAS 10 BUCKS!!!

We have many reps doing $20 To $30 and hour and />

Nothing To Buy, Just A Small Deposit (that’s 100% refundable) And Your Ready To Go.

A NO Competition />

Ask us about our referral program.



International orders and shipments require additional rates, please

contact us first before placing an order so we can give you a quote

on the International shipment.

If your NOT interested in selling these crosses for us, could you please

help us with a purchase?

Thanks so much,

God Bless


Then call or text us to set you up with our program at 863-513-7958

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