You Can Choose Your Own Lawyer for Your Claim

You Can Choose Your Own Lawyer for Your Claim,coach factory outlet

If you have ever made a claim for a road traffic accident you will probably have experienced speaking to a lawyer that you have never met,Foamposites, at a company you have never heard of,Coach Outlet Store Online. It is very likely that you will have used a lawyer that you had no previous knowledge of and you had no way of being sure whether or not they provide the best possible service,jordan grape 5. This is because they pay cash for claims directly from your insurance provider and you are almost railroaded into using their service over any others,jordan grape 5. Most people simply go along with the claim without realising they are being treated unfairly,jordan 5, when the reality is that what is happening is really quite wrong, Although the cash for claims scenario would appear to be common practice among insurance companies these days, the reality is that you should be able to use any solicitor of your choice.Insurance Companies Are Taking Your MoneyIt is not only the fact that claimants are not being given a choice in regard to which lawyer they use. Another common complaint is that the although the insurance companies receive cash in the hundreds of pounds when selling your claim, not a single penny of that is passed on to you. With insurance companies cashing in on cash for claims they are simply selling your claim on to the highest bidder with consideration not for the welfare of their customers, but for their profit margins only.A Dirty SecretThat insurance companies are making money on cash for claims is something that many people are not aware of in the slightest; and something that insurance companies are reluctant to make public. If the general public were made aware of the situation they may be more likely to insist on selecting their own lawyers to handle their claims, forcing the insurance companies to forego the profits generated by the cash for claims racket. If you have experienced an accident recently and you are preparing to make a claim, remember before you go ahead that the lawyer you use is a choice that lies entirely with you. Author’s Bio:

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