chieve Torque and Horsepower Gains throu

Achieve Torque and Horsepower Gains through a Highly Efficient Pontiac Exhaust System Lebron 9 For Sale
The internal combustion engine of your Pontiac needs gasoline and air in order to make a complete combustion. Gasoline is basically made up of 2 elements—carbon and hydrogen Lebron 9; while air is made up of nitrogen and oxygen Lebron X. The normal combustion process of your engine would produce nitrogen Cheap Foamposites, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. These 3 by-products are the most desirable products of combustion. But unfortunately, gasoline engines do not run efficiently at all times. As a result, unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are being produced. These “terrible trio” of automotive pollutants are harmful to your engine components. Not only that Jordan Retro 8, excessive amounts of these exhaust gases can contribute to urban air pollution and respiratory and heart diseases as well. To address this need, you car has been equipped with a group of components collectively known as the Pontiac exhaust system. These car components basically convey burnt gases from your engine through the subcomponents comprising it.

There are 3 types of exhaust systems—the header back, turbo-back Lebron 10, and cat-back. Header back comprises those exhaust system components starting from the header outlet to the final vent. This type of exhaust system is used in cars that are not equipped with turbochargers. On the other hand, turbo-back exhaust systems are used in cars that are equipped with turbochargers. It runs from the turbo charger outlet to the final vent to open air Jordan 8 Phoenix Suns. Lastly, cat-back exhaust systems start from the outlet of the catalytic converter and ends to the final vent to open air Foamposites For Sale. No matter what type of exhaust system you may have, it will make you benefit in three ways. First, you will get serious torque gains and horsepower. Second Foamposites, you will get an improved fuel economy Lebron James Shoes. And finally, you will get a growling and distinctive exhaust tone. The Pontiac exhaust system comes into action after your engine generates the exhaust gases in the piston chamber Cheap Lebron 10. These exhaust gases are exhaled out of the engine by traveling through various pipes and hoses and eventually at the back of your vehicle. A reliable Pontiac exhaust system conveys exhaust gases as fast as possible so your engine can breathe easier Phoenix Suns 8s.

A typical anatomy of your Pontiac exhaust system comprises the exhaust manifold, headers, head pipe, catalytic converter, muffler, and tailpipe. You can usually see the exhaust manifold and headers directly above the engine cylinders. They are the starting blocks of your exhaust flow. The head pipe connects the exhaust manifold to the mufflers. The catalytic converter, on the other hand, converts harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides and unburned hydrocarbons into less harmful gases. The muffler looks like a catalytic converter, but they serve the function of reducing exhaust noises. Finally, the tailpipe is the last piping of your exhaust system. Depending on the type of driving, regional climate, and maintenance, your Pontiac exhaust system is projected to last for 2 to 3 years. Among the major causes of exhaust system failure is internal corrosion, which can be attributed to acid moisture from the combustion process. Do not think twice on replacing your stock exhaust system with a new one if it gets worn out to maintain an efficient engine performance.

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