MAmberen A Natural Approach to the Treatment of Hot Flashes

Amberen: A Natural Approach to the Treatment of Hot Flashes

A woman’s passage to menopause is not always an easy one,Foamposites 2013. The often volatile and unpredictable symptoms that many women face during this time in their lives can make the journey challenging and problematic,Jordan 5. One of the most significant symptoms suffered by 85 percent of perimenopausal women are hot flashes.What Causes Hot Flashes?The hypothalamus gland located in the brain, is the body’s “thermostat” which controls body temperature, appetite,Cheap Foamposites, sleep and reproductive hormones. As the sex hormone estrogen begins to decline at the onset of menopause, the hypothalamus sends out mixed and confusing signals through the nervous system,Retro Jordan 5. The body reacts by causing the heart to beat faster and blood vessels to dilate creating an extreme sensation of heat or hot flashes in the body. The sweat glands sensing a sudden increase in heat will then release sweat in an attempt to cool the body,Jordan 5 Grape.Hot Flash AggravatorsTaking some time to identify what is triggering your hot flashes may help diminish the severity and frequency of their arrival. Stress has been recognized by many women as being directly connected to the imminent appearance of the unwelcome symptom of hot flashes,Foamposites For Sale. By taking more time to get to work, prepare a presentation, or even cooking a meal may help to reduce the stress of everyday life that has seemed to have become magnified with the commencement of menopause. Other related causes that can activate hot flashes are:AlcoholSmokingCaffeineHot tubsHot weatherSpicy foodsThermally hot foodsSaunasDiet pillsPast Treatment for Hot FlashesHormone replacement therapy (HRT) used to be the treatment of choice for the more severe menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes in women. However, many years of study has shown that women who participate in HRT have a significant increase in the incidence of cancer.Amberen – A Natural and Effective Treatment for MenopauseAmberen is a supplement that contains 100 percent natural ingredients that have been proven to successfully alleviate the annoyance of unpredictable menopausal hot flashes. Amberen functions in restoring age-related hormonal imbalances by addressing and repairing neurotransmitted signals by using natural intercessors to correct the neuroendocrine control processes.The chief natural and active ingredients in Amberen each provide unique and effective properties that have made a positive difference in the lives of many perimenopausal women. Ammonium SuccinateThe mitochondria are the “cellular workhorses” in the cells of the human body. When reproductive hormonal imbalances occur during menopause, the mitochondria are mistakenly signaled by the brain to go into overdrive which ultimately contributes to hot flash activity. Ammonium succinate works to reduce this hyperactivity and restore appropriate mitochondrial function.Monosodium L-GlutamateThis ingredient is a salt of an amino acid. It is used in Amberen in very small doses where it works as a neurotransmitter and serves to mitigate the chemical aminotransfer.Calcium DisuccinateCalcium is an essential mineral that works to regulate and maintain proper cardiac and nervous system functions as well as enhancing bone health.Magnesium Disuccinate HydrateMagnesium is essential for over 300 chemical reactions in the body that are required to maintain healthy function. It plays a vital role in sustaining and preserving proper cardiovascular health.GlycineGlycine functions as the precursor to proteins. When combined with magnesium this amino acid works to neutralize and restore physiological and emotional health.Zinc Difumarate HydrateThis essential trace element serves to reduce the risk of diabetes by improving the cells that are responsible for insulin production.Tocopheryl AcetateAlso known as Vitamin E acetate, this ingredient in Amberen functions as an antioxidant and works to protect cell membranes.Amberen is an effective and proven supplement that promotes health and peace of mind for menopausal women. Our road to menopause can get rough, especially when hot flashes are part of the equation of the many symptoms we may have to face. Choosing a risk-free, 100 percent natural product such as Amberen to ease our way to menopause only makes healthy sense. Author’s Bio:

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