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In the past,chanel españa, many people spam the blogs with a lot of comments,carrera gafas 2013. The reason they spam the blogs with comments is to get links to their website. During those days,Gafas ray ban, all the backlinks have a do follow relative attribute. Later,gafas carrera españa, Google decided to invent an attribute called the nofollow attribute,ray ban españa. The nofollow attribute tells the search engine that the site don’t trust the link. It is actually telling the search engine not to crawl the link,Ralph Lauren Outlet. The search engine will bypass the nofollow link when it comes to crawl the site again,chanel España. If you are linking to a webpage that you don’t trust, it is recommended that you use the nofollow attribute,oakley tiendas. The nofollow attribute won’t help your site to increase ranking in the search engine,Lentes ray ban.

Most blog owners have nofollow the comment section,gafas sol ray ban. This is because the comment section is the most susceptible to spam,gafas sol carrera. There are many blogging software that can automatically add a nofollow attribute to the comment section,gafas sol carrera. When you are performing blog commenting,Lentes ray ban, make sure the blog is dofollow. If the blog is nofollow,gafas carrera, it is not necessary to comment it,oakley botas. Besides blogs,ray ban españa, there are also forums, answer sites, shout boards and etc that implement the nofollow attribute,oakley españa. To check whether a site uses the dofollow or nofollow attribute,chanel España, you can right click on the link. When you right click on the link,gafas ray ban mujer, the right click menu will pop up,oakley gafas. You should choose Properties when the right click menu pops up,gafas carrera españa. If the Properties menu states dofollow,Related articles:

gafas carrera españa “,bolsos chanel, it means that the site implements the dofollow attribute,gafas carrera champion. If the Properties menu states nofollow, it means that the site uses the nofollow attribute,gafas ray ban graduadas.

Besides blog commenting,ray ban baratas, webmasters can utilize free blog hosting service to get backlinks,How To Use Blog Commenting And Blog Hosting To Get One Way Backlinks. The free blog hosting service allows you to create unlimited blogs for free of charge,Polo Ralph Lauren. The free blog hosting service can be used to host small blogs that don’t take up a lot of space,gafas carrera mujer. Small blogs are great for increasing the backlinks of your site,gafas Polo Ralph Lauren. If you have a lot of small blogs linking to your site,gafas carrera segunda mano, you will notice an increase in the SERP ranking,Polo Ralph Lauren. It is not necessary that every blogs should link to your site,Gafas ray ban. You can cross link between each blogs so that the search engine feel that the link building process is natural. If all the blogs are pointing to your website,Ralph Lauren España, the search engine will immediately know that you are the one that is creating the posts. If the search engine finds out that you are trying to get backlinks with your own effort,gafas ray ban online, they won’t be given a high value,bolsos chanel.

When creating a blog post, make sure you include either a link to another blog or a link to your site,gafas sol ray ban. It should not contain too many anchor links,How To Use Blog Commenting And Blog Hosting To Get One Way Backlinks,bolsos chanel 2.55. Every post can have 2 – 4 anchor links,Ralph Lauren España. The blog post should not be stuffed with keywords,oakley españa. Keyword stuffed blog posts are regarded as spam by the search engine. Each blog post can have 10 – 12 words that are used as keywords,Related articles:

bolsos chanel When you begin looking for the credit card that will fit you needs,oakley gafas. The recommended keyword density for the blog post is 2% – 4%,gafas carrera.

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