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In an investigation into an Amtrak crash,gianmarco lorenzi, it has been determined that the cause of the crash is bad truck brakes.

On June 24,sacs a main Chloé, 2011,oakley pas cher, a trucker collided into an Amtrak train. The collision resulted in 6 deaths and many injuries,chaussures pas cher. The National Transportation Safety Board has been investigating the crash,,Bad Truck Brakes The Cause of Nevada Amtrak Crash. The panel agreed unanimously that the weakness of the passenger car walls contributed to the number of deaths and injuries,sac chanel pas cher. New strength standards are in development.

Investigators believe that the truck driver did not notice the train,burberry soldes. They concluded that alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the crash. The investigators believe the driver may have been fatigued or been distracted by his cellphone,Bad Truck Brakes The Cause of Nevada Amtrak Crash. The driver had received a phone call minutes before the crash,Bad Truck Brakes The Cause of Nevada Amtrak Crash,lunettes prada pas cher. He did not pick up the call, but investigators believe that he was most likely distracted by his phone,tods soldes. However, the board ruled that there was not enough evidence to include any of these causes in the formal probably cause.

NTSB has also ruled out crossing guard gate and warning light malfunctions,prada pas cher. Time-lapsed photography shows that the gate fully extended four seconds before the crash. The warning lights were also performing with no issue.

The investigation concluded that the driver had enough to time to react to the warning lights and guard gate,sac pas cher,Bad Truck Brakes The Cause of Nevada Amtrak Crash. The driver was less than a half-mile away from the train tracks when the gate and warning lights were activated. However, he began skidding about 300 feet before the crash,lunette carrera pas cher.

NTSB investigators found that 11 of the truck’s 16 brake drums were extremely worn. The NTSB also discovered that the truck’s warning lights and anti-lock brake system had been disconnected,converse femme. The wiring was also gathered in a loop. Investigators used a similar truck to simulate the crash,sac burberry. The investigators found that if the truck had been maintained properly, it definitely would not have collided with the train.

In a statement,Chloé pas cher, NTSB chairwoman Deborah Hersman said,Bad Truck Brakes The Cause of Nevada Amtrak Crash, “This accident could have easily been prevented if the driver had acted appropriately or the motor carrier had acted responsibly in maintaining the vehicle,gianmarco lorenzi chaussure.” Hersman continued to say that, “Attention clearly needed to be paid to driving and to vehicle maintenance,burberry pas cher.”

Such horrific accidents affect countless lives,lunette oakley. The survivors will forever be traumatized by the experience,chanel lunettes. The victims’,converse all star; families have just lost a loved one,chanel pas cher 2013. Train and car accidents cause incredible damage that we could not begin to measure,lunette carrera.

If you have lost a loved one in an accident,sac chanel, there are legal resources available,converse pas cher. You can choose to seek damages for any emotional trauma,Chloé SAC À BANDOULIÈRE LUCY, loss of income,tods pas cher, medical bills, and more. You can fight for justice for your lost loved one. Such cases can be complicated and difficult,tods chaussures, but an expert personal injury lawyer can help you through this challenging time,lunettes chanel.
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