The Trojan,puma pas cher, fittingly named Trojan,chaussures puma.Peskyspy,ray ban lunettes, targets telephone conversations being carried out through Skype,puma soldes. It grabs the audio from the conversations into an MP3 file and stores it in the victim’s PC,oakley pas cher. The Trojan also features a backdoor,puma pas cher, indicating that the recorded audio file is later e-mailed to the creator of the Trojan,ray ban pas cher.

The Trojan works by grabbing the sound from Skype by tapping into the native Windows functions,ray ban lunettes. It carries this out by hooking up various API calls of Windows,chanel sacs, which are used in audio input and output,carrera 2013. Once this is accomplished,sac chanel, the Trojan can then intercept all audio data that travels between the process opened by Skype,oakley splice, and the underlying audio driver that is installed in the PC,sac chanel pas cher. The most alarming fact about the Trojan is that it intercepts audio streams at Windows level,Trojan Snoops On Skype Calls,carrera lunettes, and is thus able to avoid many standard security countermeasures,lunettes chanel. It gathers audio data independently,ray ban clubmaster, without any other third party software,lunette oakley,Trojan Snoops On Skype Calls, and sends it over the network directly as well,polo ralph lauren outlet. Thus advanced versions of this Trojan may be more difficult to detect,chaussures puma speed cat, even with state of the art antivirus software having updated virus definition files,oakley pas cher.

The Trojan has already received much attention for being the world’s first “wiretap Trojan”,ray ban wayfarer. Con Mallon of Symantec commented that the fact that the Trojan targets Skype conversations may be due to the huge user base of this popular VoIP software,Oakley Airwave. However,longchamp borse, he assured users that it is not a major threat as of now,lunette carrera. “We don’t think that people have been infected because it doesn’t have a robust propagation method at this point,polo ralph lauren. It has to be downloaded,carrera occhiali. It’s not a worm,chanel pas cher, and has no way of propagating itself,occhiali carrera champion. It’s just technically interesting”,lunette oakley, he commented,chaussures puma. He also added that Symantec has already updated its virus definitions to combat this new threat,carrera online.

The Trojan targets specific protocols used by Skype for its VoIP (Voice over IP) based telephone conversations,lunette carrera. However,longchamp outlet, it could have been designed for any other VoIP client software,carrera sunglasses, and it would be just as effective,carrera lunettes. In fact,longchamp le pliage prezzo, we would probably be seeing a lot of other versions of similar software in future,ray ban pas cher. It is only a matter of time before a worm is released based on this same technology, and then the privacy of many users will probably be difficult to protect.
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