USB mini fridge is a sensational discovery which allows you to carry your fridge around with you everywhere,chaussures puma. This means that one does not need to worry about their drink getting hot as they drink it slowly,ray ban pas cher. This new mini fridge can be charged by plugging in into the USB port of one’s desktop or laptop and therefore can be carried conveniently around,Usb Mini Fridge And Its Features,longchamp outlet. Some special features of the USB fridge include the fact that it does not require any battery for charging it,lunettes carrera moins cher; it can hold one can of cold drink at a time,Usb Mini Fridge And Its Features,lunette oakley, it is powered by USB,chaussures puma enfant, and it has internal light system in the form of LED light,puma pas cher.

Look wise it is very sleek and looks like a mini version of the normal sized fridge,puma pas cher. It uses USB power of 5 volts and the temperature of its cooling pad decrease after five minutes of use to 8,oakley crowbar.5 degrees,sac chanel. It is mini sized having a dimension of 19,carrera occhiali.4 x 9 x 9 and weighs only 362 grams,ray ban clubmaster. It is a great portable device which can be used to great effect especially when one’s working on ones computer,lunette carrera. It can also be used very efficiently when one is travelling to keep their beverages cool and it does not require any drivers to be installed before it can be charged, one simply needs to just plug it in to charge it.
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