Kids learn about how to get a reaction from a very early age. We’ve all seen a toddler screaming about not getting a treat or a toy they’ve seen,longchamp outlet. They throw a temper tantrum and then hopefully get their way,longchamp costo. Well this form of behavior is not restricted to little children,chanel pas cher. Teenagers are perfectly capable of carrying on in this manner as well,lunette carrera. And when that teenager has troubles,sac chanel pas cher, problems which can be quite serious,lunette carrera, then you have a teen in need,carrera lunettes.

Wilderness camps are so-called because they are located in the wilderness,carrera online. They are set up for teens in trouble and the therapy programs hopefully give the teens a chance to work through their angst and turn their lives around,puma pas cher. But one policy in some wilderness camps is to use the no-resistance tactic,chaussures puma.

Many troubled teens have a lot of anger and frustration inside,ray ban pas cher. It doesn’t matter where they go,ray ban lunettes, their troubles go with them. And even if the setting of the wilderness camp is beautiful and peaceful,oakley pas cher, the troubled teen is still ready to fight,polo ralph lauren. So the staff uses the no-resistance tactic,puma pas cher. They don’t fight back,lunette oakley radar. A teen shouts abuse at a camp leader who responds by ignoring the belligerent teen,lunettes carrera moins cher. Or maybe the member of staff, smiles, shrugs,ray ban lunettes, says “Whatever” and simply moves on,bijoux chanel. This is not what the teen is expecting,lunette oakley. An adult shouting back is often the norm. To not get a reaction is bewildering for the teen.

Now a wilderness camp will often have a week or fortnight trek where the teens and staff go away from the base and camp in the wilderness,occhiali carrera online. The no-resistance policy works exceptionally well in these situations. The troubled teen refuses to follow orders,lunettes chanel. Fair enough. The staff does not berate and threaten the teen,ray ban wayfarer. The party moves on and the angry teen is suddenly left behind missing out on a fine meal and the creature comforts found at the next camp site,lunette oakley. The teen learns quickly,oakley pas cher.

Wilderness therapy is a brilliant way to help remove the anger from the kids on camp,carrera lunettes. They want confrontation,carrera 2013. They thrive on being angry and resisting authority,polo ralph lauren outlet. When there is no response and no barking of orders,oakley minute, the teens are confused,chaussures puma. How can they fight if no-one will fight back,carrera occhiali? It is this strategy which is used to wean the troubled teens away from their hate and anger,ray ban pas cher. Slowly but surely they stop being aggressive and start to listen,lunettes ray ban pas cher. In turn they get the chance to talk about their troubles and strangely [for the teen] they are listened to and not interrupted,longchamp borse.

This tactic is fully explained to the parents of the kids in camp,puma chaussure homme. It is vital that families know how their child is being counseled,sac chanel. This means that the same response can be used when the teen returns home,puma chaussure de foot. Hopefully by then the teen will have overcome most if not all of their problems.

It may sound an unusual way to deal with young people but it is a method which works and works well. The no-resistance therapy can help change the lives of troubled teens.
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