http://pumpascher.chaussurespaschere.infoI would say wait for the Complete Edition disc down the line, but now Codemasters are using Steam,tod’s femme, and you have to run the games through that to play them,chaussures dior, then Steam DLC becomes a very real only possibility for content,tods pas cher.

It is a shame though,tod’s sac, I remember when ToCA Race Driver 3 was packed with content, with no need for extra money.

Oh my **bleep**ing god,Converse pas cher. I was all happy and stuff about the release,tods chaussures, but now that. You got to be kidding us. What the **bleep** is wrong with the video games market,tods soldes. What’s all the hype about butt**bleep**ing your customers like that ,chaussures puma?

Seriously,tods chaussures, **bleep** you. **bleep** that DLC nonsense. I’ve lost my faith in the commercial video game industry since CoD invented their Elite bull**bleep** and Crysis 2’s total failed port,chaussures pas cher, but I still loved you guys. But why ,tods Femme? Why can’t compagnies like you try to instore a dual-way respect towards the customers ,pum pas cher? How can you suck money from the people that love your work,sac pas cher, and support you ? Why would you even come up with such a STUPID idea of pre-orders,chaussures puma speed cat. I mean really,chaussures hommes tods prix, who would seriously think of selling different content to people even BEFORE the actual game release ??? Yeah thanks now I know that if I buy it I won’t have the same content as some one else,tods pas cher.

I’m just speechless,puma pas cher. God,tods pas cher. As if you werent going to make enough money from normal sales,chaussures pas cher. Jeez

I would describe myself as an avid Codemasters Fan , i have purchased every CM’s driving game there is to own on the pc and i was really looking forward to Grid 2 ,i was all set to preorder but after reading this, to say im gutted is an understatement.

How can games companys get away with ripping off there loyal customers , 3 different versions of pre ordering all the DLC crap, its a Joke!!!

This stufff should be in everybodys game from the start , what happened to opening up the Maps / cars and any other content by playing the game through the different levels then being rewarded with the content ?? instead you CM’s decide to put the mask on and Ripp us all off at every oppertunity .

I feel my love of CM’s has sadly been Lost !!!

I hope Codemasters does the right move and release a bundle of the pre-orders for free about a month after release. Even if you pre-order, your only going to unlock one pack, then you will be in the same boat as the rest of us when it come to unlocking the other packs.

Or Codemaster could go the other route and let players unlock the cars and tracks in the packs as they progress through the offline or online career modes. The guys that pre-order just get an early start with the cars and tracks in the packs. Would not this be the fair way to handle these pre-order offers and not get the GRID community upset?

I’ve just completed the online survey for the next rally game and was on a high. now I’ve crashed 🙁 Seriously??? Another DLC fiasco like the one with Dirt 3??? I’ve been looking forward to Grid 2 for a long time along with teh next Dirt game,order Details And More. I’ve bought every Colin McRae/Dirt game and loved Toca Race Driver 1,2 3. The way I see it, if Grid 2 and Dirt 4 don’t deliver I’m not going to buy another game from Codies – I’ve already shunned the F1 series – I just hope that I don’t end up feeling the same way about Grid 2 and my favourtie Dirt Series 🙁

I felt I had to register here to express my disgust for the way DLC is being used here. No brand new game should have extra DLC content available to buy on the day of its release. This content should be in the game from the start and DLC should be for future updates only. I know other games have been doing it for a while, but these ‘special pre-order packs’ really are a disgraceful new low. I hope you are ashamed of yourselves Codemasters, you’ve jumped on the DLC bandwagon.

I’ve owned and enjoyed every Codemasters game, but I won’t be getting this one out of principle.

All of you must be new to this because there is nothing special being offered here. What are you really going to lose w/o pre-order? 4 cars that will likely be available post. Not ideal but it just isn’t a deal breaker if the range is as good or better than G1. Otherwise spend $350 on a PS3 and Forza/GT5. The rest is highly transitory or trivial carrots. If it is anything like other CM releases, half of the routes listed will be the original track run backwards. “Discounts in the car store”, a small boost passed by with normal play. Also, more often than not, CM online dumps population soon after release and or is hacked with the same result. That online event / bonus won’t mean much then or when it has been done to death with the few who have that specific bonus.

Pay attention to what the ‘bonuses’ are before regurgitating the same complaints with every game release. The majority here and elsewhere will pre-order or buy day 1 regardlesss.

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