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The word Futon originated in Japan where it means quite literally “bedding,billige nike free.” However, what most people consider afuton is a far cry from the cotton pad that the Japanese gave the name to. In fact, modern day futons in the Western world are a more a cross between a bed and a sofa, loveseat,, or chair than they are a simple cotton mattress and that’s what makes these pieces of furniture so versatile.
The futon comes in a variety of sizes and styles, and depending on the size you select they can double as a chair, loveseat or sofa. The frames for the mattress are made of both metal and wood. The mattresses themselves are thin layers of cotton or foam with covers. The colors of the covers can run from plain sedate colors to bold shades of red, blue and green. In addition, there are a variety of patterns to choose from making these simple pieces of furniture ideal for just about every style of décor and for every room in the home, The covers may also be made of a variety of materials and many of the covers are removable and machine washable.

Perfect For Those with Limited Space
If you live in a small one or two room apartment or are simply renting a room in someone’s home the futon may be perfect for you, as when it is folded into a chair, loveseat, or sofa it generally takes up very little space giving that small room or apartment a more spacious feel. However, at night it turns into a bed so that you can rest comfortably throughout the night.
It is also great for the teenager’s room because it gives them a comfortable seat to entertain friends, watch videos, listen to music or even study for that big exam and then can be used as a bed when their friends want to spend the night,nike sko free.
With so many families downsizing their lifestyles and homes,, this simple piece of furniture also works well allowing that home office or family room to double as a guest room when friends or relatives are in town and need a place to stay.
Great for Those ona Budget
A futon is also great for those on a budget as this versatile piece of furniture can double as both a sofa and a bed making it possible to get two pieces of furniture for the price of one. Often times this simple furniture piece is also less expensive than either a bed or a sofa so it may actually save you money two ways.
Simple and Stylish or Chic and Elegant
When choosing a futon you can choose from among simple and stylish designs that require very little maintenance, to those that are more chic and elegant. Wooden platforms for these unique pieces of furniture are often more elegant than those made of metal and look great in almost any room of the house from the bedroom, from the family roomto the living room. However, the style you choose is entirely up to you.
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