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Turning a guest room into an office is something that usually crosses most peoples mind at some point or another, especially if they are trying to run a small business from a home with limited resources and space.
I hope I am not coming across as biased, but within the group of people I know to have done this, it is usually the person most involved in the business that initializes the idea and the resistance comes from the less involved partner who had other ideas for that room but never really made an effort to move a plan forward.

Working from home can be a good thing,nike sko free, yet at the same time it can be disastrous especially if you are easerly distracted. Most of us home workers mooch around all day in our jim-jams drinking tea and faffing about without focus at least until we realize it’s early evening and our partner is wanting some company.
One of the ways we got around the “I’m in one room your in the other” argument was to redesign our guest room in a way that my that it could be an office and a guest room yet my partner would feel comfortable sitting in there relaxing for an hour or so each evening with a book whilst I rapped up for the day.
A little splash of paint and some bright curtains to make the room feel more airy, we found a desk that was ideal for easy concealment of papers etc and a to give the room some character.
By the time we changed the lighting and hung a few pictures,nike free sko, we found that we would spend a lot more time in each others space but without getting in each others way,billige nike free, I also found that by using the spare room in the house as an office kept me away from a lot of other distractions within the home,
I would say that it is important to find the right furniture and mix of taste but keeping it near natural is best for everyone.
If your room is only occasionally used for stopovers,nike sko free, then don’t spend to much money on impressing the guests with furniture and fittings, you would be better to buy a and splash out more on a comfy chair and desk.

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