http://www.chaussuresmagasins.comThis is the story of little Ravi and Rani, playmates in the colony and the best of friends. One day, an older boy wants to play a new game with them,tod’s femme. The game doctor-doctor will however be a secret one between the three,tods pas cher. Startled,tods soldes, both look at him in confusion,Rules of touch,Converse pas cher. While the older boy will be the doctor, Ravi and Rani are to role-play as his patients.

Ravi obviously doesn like this secret business but fears that the older boy would bully him otherwise. Rani, however, gathers enough courage to say no and drags Ravi along with her to report the matter to her mother,Eva Longoria.

Well,chaussures pas cher, as adults, you can look at this little story from two angles. One,chaussures pas cher, just an innocuous difference of opinion among children. Two, why does the older boy want to play with such young children and why must the game be a secret one?

Don be surprised if you end up thinking that it is an innocuous game most grown-ups do that in this country, little realising that such negligent thinking has made child sexual abuse alarmingly frequent,puma pas cher. The story of Ravi and Rani is a part of an audio book,tods pas cher, to be released in New Delhi this coming Wednesday,pum pas cher, to help the cause get the attention it deserves. Brought out by Tulir,, a Chennai-based NGO working against child sexual abuse, with the support of Terre des Hommes, a children aid organisation from Germany, the book,puma animal, Ke Niyam Sikhiye is aimed at making children and their parents aware of the issue, In the book,tods Femme, on Rani reporting the matter to her mother,chaussures puma, she appreciates their courage for sharing something they didn like,tods chaussures, and tells both of them,tods chaussures, is not your fault that he behaved like that with both of you,tods pas cher. You might tell your child not to allow someone to misbehave with you, but then you are putting the responsibility on the child,tods chaussures, this may make the child feel guilty about it. But when you say it is not all right for that person to do that to you, you are freeing the child from that guilt. You have to be careful about sending out the right message while also seeing to it that it should not create a moral hysteria in children. The Hindi version, says Kishore from Terre des Hommes India office, will be distributed through NGOs it works with.

are working on 78-80 projects in the Hindi speaking belt. This book will be distributed free to children through local NGOs we are working with. Besides, we will also approach both Government and public schools to have discussions with teachers on the subject and distribute the book to the students. (Any individual wanting a copy can contact TDH through its website.)

Rahul Bose

While actress Revathy lent her voice to narrate the English and Tamil versions of the audio book in 2007, Rahul Bose has done the voiceover for the Hindi one. Says Vidya, chose them for two reasons. First, being actors they can improvise with their voice and do it professionally, and secondly, they can synergise with the cause. Bose runs a foundation in Mumbai which also deals with child abuse. Other group members Ekta, Rehana, Nisha, Pooja and Asha are to join them after school for the rehearsals. The production is, as Sakshi puts it, little different from what we have been doing. It is a mime performance that deals with child sexual abuse, a subject the theatre group has handled for the first time since it was formed some time ago at the remedial study centre run by Dr. Baliga Memorial Trust at Mongolpuri.

A ninth standard student at Mangolpuri Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Sakshi quickly adds, have learnt a lot from it. Earlier, we have been a part of plays on literacy and right to education. An eight standard student of the same school, Ragini pipes up, will be the bad uncle of Rani whose hug made her uncomfortable. Director Rajender Kumar, a casual artiste with the National School of Drama, an employee with the Trust, adds, they all would look the same in similar costumes and painted faces, they will slip in and out of different characters of the book. Though they are used to the stage, using just gestures as the medium of expression is a new thing for them. The production will be of just 12 minutes, 15 seconds which, Kumar says, not given us much room for improvisation.

Through books, one is ‘lit’ for life, says Nirmala Lakshman, Director, Kasturi and Sons Ltd., as she welcomes you to the 2013 iteration of The Hindu’s literature festival. For those who want to know what to expect, this video offers a sample of the magical connect of words at Lit for Life, with excerpts from a film by Prasanna Ramaswamy, a Chennai-based theatre-person and filmmaker. Open to all, the fest kicks off in New Delhi on February 6 and then moves to Chennai (February 16 and 17).

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