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http://sacslouisvuittonfr.webs.com/It is never reasonable to expect a drunken man to think sober,Lunettes Louis Vuitton. Neither is it reasonable to expect a woman with broken legs to walk a mile,lunettes chanel. And yet we frequently work from the hypothesis that as long as someone has the right to do something, everything is fine,Louis Vuitton Pas Cher.

Asking the drunk or broken legged respectively,Chaussures Louis Vuitton, to think sober or walk a mile is akin to expecting a torch without power to light up,Sacs Louis Vuitton. I suspect this why despite having so many rights the average modern citizen is still largely dark of spirit,lunettes chanel.

If there is accuracy to this suspicion then we would expect to see situations in which a right is present but a corresponding uptake of the service that that right entitles one to is absent,Chaussures Louis Vuitton. And there are many,sac chanel pas cher. However for brevity let’s look at one,Louis Vuitton Pas Cher.

The mentally ill individual is entitled to mental health care,When A Right Is A Wrong,Chaussures Louis Vuitton, yet to access that care the mentally ill individual usually requires (initially anyway) to attend an appointment,lunettes chanel. Now among many mental illnesses,Sacs Louis Vuitton, are a breakdown in routine,sac chanel pas cher, life skills,sacs a mian chanel, time management and basic comprehension of items such as letters written to the individual inviting them to the said appointment,sac chanel pas cher? To send a letter to attend an appointment to someone whose life skills,sac chanel, time management and basic comprehension of items such as letters has broken down,Sacs Louis Vuitton; is a bit like motioning the broken-legged to walk over to the surgery,Louis Vuitton Pas Cher. It is nonsense. And yet,Lunettes Louis Vuitton, whereas we often go to the physically ill and injured,chaussures pas cher, we often fail to go to the mentally ill and injured,chanel pas cher; instead expecting them to get to us,chanel pas cher.

We might be responding to their rights,chanel chaussures, but not their capacity to execute their right,sac chanel. We reduce them to powerless torches,sac chanel.

That we attend the physical malady quicker than the mental malady implies that there is still a sense that mental illness is not quite as valid as physical illness,Lunettes Louis Vuitton. We still have expectations of the mentally ill that we do not have of the physically ill,chanel pas cher. In any logic; this is straightforward prejudice of the ill.

Of course this is just a single example and is easily rebutted by even the reasonably intelligent. Never the less, it does suggest that the perceived meeting of rights can blind us to the problem of lack of capacity to benefit from those rights. At least it would be comforting to think it is blindness, and not blinkeredness.

So what can we suppose from this problem (where it exists) of lack of capacity to realise a right? Perhaps that it is a problem born from ignorance, bias, and lack of value; or unreasonableness, stupidity or even inhumanity. The possibilities are beyond listing, but perhaps not the probabilities.

If we ask; what is the likely reason that a right to X or not to X was undermined by a lack of capacity to X? We might initially propose that it is because the right itself is consciously or unconsciously misconceived and formulated.

If so, it is reasonable (and humane where human rights are concerned) to reconceive or reformulate things so as to bring about a situation where a right to X or not to X essentially means an ability to X or not to X.

Perhaps the way forward is to ask a question of this type:

Does the right I have to (speak freely for example) co-exist with a capacity to speak freely, or is this right undermined by a wrong; that is a law or principle or guideline or situation that makes my right either dangerous to implement, or difficult to implement?

If we can answer yes to such a question then we can conclude that what seems to be a right is actually a wrong. When a right is a wrong; something is always wrong; never right.http://sacvuitton2013.webs.com/

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