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The fine chemical industry gets rid of the debt crisis in Europe
Business Articles | February 17, 2012

In the grim world economic situation, China attaches great importance on debt issues in Europe from a strategic and global view and tries to maintain the stability of the euro.

Economic growth in Europe is important to the world economic recovery,Jordan Grape 5. The United States will do its utmost to help the euro-zone countries to stabilize the situation and deal with the debt crisis in Europe. It can be seen from the crisis attitude of the world’s two largest economies that the sphere of influence has been spreading across the globe.
China is an export-oriented economies. Export share is over 70% of GDP. Import and export trade of China’s industrial Musk R-1 development structure have important implications for the quality of the external economic environment is also crucial. And the EU is now China’s largest trading partner, largest export market and second largest import market. For China’s petrochemical industry, the EU also exports,Foamposites 2013. At present,Grape 5s, thousands of petrochemical products in China endless supply of the EU market,Jordan 5 Retro.
Point of view from the development trend of the European debt crisis will certainly affect China’s petrochemical industry. Within the EU decline in consumer demand is a direct blow to the Chinese petrochemical exports,Foamposites. In Greece,Foamposites For Sale, the European debt crisis has led to rising unemployment has now reached 20%. Apart from Germany showed good development trend in most countries of the EU unemployment rate over 10%. This leads to people, consumer confidence, frustration, will expand the impact of the European debt crisis on the export of petrochemical products in China.
Fine chemicals have specific and strong, technology-intensive and high added value. These products are used in various sectors of the economy. Its level of development has become a sign to measure the technical level of a national chemical industry. After 50 years of scientific research, production and construction, fine chemical industry as China’s development of strategic focus, fine chemical industry has made significant progress. Many products still in the initial stage of development, there is a big gap compared with the international advanced level, especially in the technical reserves. In the military, aerospace and other key areas of fine chemicals is still basically dependent on imports.
The debt crisis in Europe affects conduction through the channels of trade. The larger proportion of exports affected chemical products lead salicylate. China’s export trade of fine chemicals limited, so from this point of view to judge the impact of the European debt it does not have basic chemicals affected. Export a small amount does not represent the fine chemicals companies can sit back and relax. From the import of fine chemicals, fine chemicals market consumption or face greater pressure. EU and Japan are the two main areas of fine chemicals imported European debt crisis has led to weak demand in the EU, EU countries have to export as bailout recipe, take various measures to stimulate exports.
To cope with the impact of the European debt crisis, the Chinese chemical companies not only to strengthen its efforts to expand the domestic market, but also to actively expand the international market outside the European region, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. Carefully sort out difficult to find in the international financial crisis, Japan earthquake once cold hit, the petrochemical industry are showing sensitivity characteristics of the constitution “. This exposure is increasingly contradictory to the structural surplus of China’s petrochemical products, lack of scientific and technological innovation capacity, low industrial concentration and other ills. Although technological innovation, structural adjustment has been a cliché, but it is symptomatic remedy. Strengthen technical reserve for fine chemical products, increase the technological content, and more “sophisticated” fine chemical products, more competitive than foreign products is an effective means for the win market.
In addition, China’s petrochemical industry should have a clear understanding of the European debt crisis and the various non-technical trade barriers. With the trade austerity measures were taken by EU countries, non trade technical barriers will gradually increased. Chinese petrochemical companies should have the positive technological and industrial changes to adapt to new market requirements. For long-term development of China’s petrochemical industry, the European debt crisis is not only a shock but also a rare opportunity of introspection and accelerating changes in order to achieve better development.Source:http://www.mhcfm.com

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