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“The GD/PI stage is arguably the most crucial stage. It is a bit like the journey from qualifying in the heats to the gold medal in a sports event. GDs are conducted to test managerial attributes like Interpersonal Skills, Leadership,Lebron 10 For Sale, Analytical and rational thinking, Knowledge and personality traits,” says Jaya Desai of IMS Learning Resources.

A member of academic research team at states,Phoenix Suns 8s, “Group discussion is a way by which the B-school panel measures quality of candidate on parameters like Content & Knowledge,Suns 8s, Rational thought process, Communication skills,Cheap Lebron 9, Group Behavior and Leadership Skills.”

According to a top MBA expert at Career Launcher, “GD checks a quality of paramount importance and that is ‘How do you work in a team?’. During your work life, you will be working as a team member rather than an individual. To do well your interpersonal skills, your ability to put across your ideas and also understanding the other person’s point of view is important. That’s what GD focuses on.”

GD is also used as an elimination round by B-schools. Opines a MBA expert of PT Education, “GDs are used by institutes where there is a high level of competition.”


Not all GDs are equal. B-schools use several types of GDs to test the applicants. While there are some GDs that test the knowledge of a candidate on a topical issue, others are designed to test the ‘ lateral thinking’ of candidate.

Another type of GD comes in form of a short ‘case-study’ where applicants are asked to analyze a situation and frame responses. Yet another type of a GD is a ‘group exercise’.

IMS Learnings’ Desai classifies the GDs into three types,Phoenix Suns 8s For Sale. Says Desai, “There are three common types of GDs: Factual, Abstract, and Case Study,Jordan 8. While the factual ones are based on contemporary but controversial topics,Lebron 9, the abstract topics involve lateral thinking and unconventional perspectives,Jordan Retro 8.”

help the MBA aspirants to excel in the GD, PI and Essay Writing rounds,Pre Order Jordan Retro 8, brings to you the What,Lebron James Shoes, Why and How of the personal assessment round, the stage for which is already set with the exam results now rolling out one by one.

This article introduces you to the concept of Group Discussions for MBA admissions,Lebron 10 Pure Platinum, talks about the different types of GDs, provides you important tips on how to prepare well, and shares with you some of the DOs and DON’Ts for this round.


While the written exam tests the quantitative, reasoning and verbal skills of an applicant that is not all that a future manager is expected to excel in. In fact, that is just the start! A successful manager should not just be good with his quota of work, but he/ she is expected to contribute as part of a team. Ability to work, and contribute in teams is an absolute must to succeed in corporate sector. And that’s what Group Discussions aim to test.

says that topics can be either knowledge intensive or non-knowledge intensive. Knowledge intensive topics are based on areas like Economy and its sectors like IT or Telecom, Society, Politics, Sports or Media. Non-knowledge intensive topics can either be ‘concrete topics’ (like ‘Greed is Good’), and the ‘abstract topics’ can be totally open ended like ‘Deep Blue is not blue enough’.


So then how should you prepare for the GDs? Experts opine that you should work on developing your knowledge base, while at the same time, focus on improving your communication. Some specific lessons on managing yourself during the GD are important too.

Up your KQ

The first step in your quest to do well in a GD is to improve your knowledge quotient. Read, Watch, Listen! Read the newspapers and magazines on current issues, specially the year-end issues that capture the highlights of the year gone by. Also watch and listen to the news and current affair programmes on news channels. Candidates must keep abreast of contemporary issues with help of media.

There are some Group Discussi

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